Personal exhibition of Yusuf Elizarov kicks off in Tashkent

kick offThe State Museum of Arts of Uzbekistan hosted an exhibition of one of the outstanding Uzbek artists of the 20th century – Yusuf Elizarov. The exhibition features more than 30 works of the painter, which attract with their special beauty, craftsmanship of color and light.

As was noted at the opening ceremony, Yusuf Elizarov was born in Samarkand, he graduated from the Art School named after Pavel Benkov, and then he continued his education at the Moscow Art Institute named after Surikov, at the studio of Sergei Gerasimov and Igor Grabar. Works of Yusuf Elizarov can be seen in such museums as: the State Museum of Arts of Uzbekistan, the Tretyakov Gallery, and The Astrakhan Art Gallery, museums of the United States and Israel as well as in many private collections. The artistic heritage of this talented artist so widely and varied that every year it becomes more and more popular. During his life, Yusuf Elizarov was called “Repin of Central Asia”. He also created portraits of his famous contemporaries, as well as ordinary people. Visitors of the exhibition were especially attracted by paintings devoted to Samarkand, as well as landscape sketches of the artist and his still lifes.

However, the pinnacle of the creative activity of the artist is the “Group portrait of artists of Uzbekistan”, which pas painted in 1958, and depicted images of well-known masters of theater, music, cinema. This canvas depicts a great singer Halima Nasyrova. Such prominent masters of the Uzbek culture, as: Zakirov, Ashrafi. Akbarov, Yunus Rajabi, Abdullaev, Khidoyatov, Tamara Khanum, Turgunbaeva and others with great enjoy are watching after her performance. This group portrait is the evidence of great talent of the author, his excellence in all genres of fine art.

– This exhibition shows that he is a great colorist, you can even call him the Uzbek impressionist. If we talk about the portraits, they are very live. He shows it very integrally, and beautifully. All of them express his inner state. His love and respect for nature is felt in every of his portraits, said Sabir Rakhmetov, People’s Artist of Uzbekistan

At the personal exhibition, visitors could see a number of other remarkable portraits, such as “The Girl with a dove”. It is not possible to go past through the series of images of contemporaries of Elizarov – workers of gardens and fields. The stunning exposition runs until November 16.

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