Presentation of the book Kamila by Kyrgyz writer Rakhim Karimov

Publishing House Silk Road Media and Hertfordshire press

with the support of Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation

invites you to the presentation of a national bestseller by Kyrgyz writer Rakhim Karimov


August 28, 12pm

Press Centre “Россия”

(At the intersection of Toktogul & Razzakov st)



About the Novel

“Kamila” is the story of an orphan girl growing up in the south of Kyrgyzstan.  Alongside the personal tragedy of Kamila and her parents, Rakhim Karimov describes the local way of life in realistic detail.  The novel won the “Book Art 2005” contest in Bishkek and was recognized as a national bestseller by the Kyrgyz Book Chamber.  “Kamila” was also nominated for the “Toktogul” national award.  It won the “Moldo Niyaz” literary award through its participation in the “Cherished Dream” and “Big Book” literary competitions in Russia.  Karimov’s novel is available in Uzbek, Kyrgyz and Russian languages.  In 2012, “Kamila” won second place at the Open Central Asia Book Forum & Literature Festival 2012.

The novel colorfully describes the bitter life of Kamila.  Her mother, Gulanda, dies on the day Kamila is born and leaves her orphaned.  As she grows up, without knowing her father, Kamila faces many challengers in her life. However, she is strong in spirit which helps her to work hard and succeed.  She praises pure love and does not allow wealth or vanity to turn her head.  At the end of the story Kamila finds her father.  Reading this novel it is easy to obtain a belief that faith and beneficence still live in this world and that happy endings do happen in real life.


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