President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov congratulates cotton growers and grain cultivators with high yield


The President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov congratulated the dehkans, farmers and all workers engaged on fields on the big labor victory – high crop at 7.3 mln tonnes of grains and 3.35 million tons of cotton:

Dear friends!

It gives me a great pleasure to sincerely congratulate you, dear dehkans, agronomists, irrigators and mechanics, all of the farmers with the fulfillment of the contractual obligations on harvesting grain, cotton, the production of other agricultural products.

We are all glad that thanks to such selfless people like you who devoted their life to the most difficult and yet the noblest job in the world, the harvest by the results of the season reached 7 million 300 thousand tons of grain and over 3 million 350 thousand tons of cotton. The set targets have successfully been achieved in sericulture, livestock, horticulture and other industries as well.

On this wonderful day, I think, first of all, we should thank God for he blesses us in all good deeds and endeavors, that 2015 became for our country fully favorable and successful.

At the same time, we all understand that in agriculture, every year is on its own difficult. And this season was not without worries – unexpected snow and extreme cold in March, an unprecedented heat during the summer months, when in some regions the temperature reached 45 degrees, has created many problems for rural workers, has become a serious test of their will and resistance.

Our courageous and dedicated farmers, seen a lot in their lifetime, has worthily overcome all difficulties and trials, day by day skillfully and lovingly cared for every sprout and have grown a rich harvest, which, of course, deserves the highest praise and gratitude.

Speaking about the results of the current season, which will certainly enter a bright page in the history of agriculture in our country, it should be noted that the basis of achievements primarily lies on carried out well-intentioned large-scale reforms, the strategy that aims to raise the agricultural industry to a new level, to open a wide road for farmers.

Today the earth has found its true owner, the farmers ‘ movement is emerging as a decisive force in the development of the village, each farmer is growing interest in the results of his work, confidence in the future is further strengthening – all this radically changes not only agriculture but also transforms our lives in general.

It is no secret that in cotton growing, which is different from other industries with its extraordinary complexity, has its own quirks and requires extensive knowledge and experience, it is not easy to achieve high performance.

In this regard, it should be emphasized that our farmers have skillfully organized the work, worked selflessly throughout the year, paid great attention to the issues of logistical support, timely and quality implementation of all agrotechnical measures. Most importantly, the grown cotton crop was harvested in a relatively short period – for 35 – 40 working days, with 90 percent of raw product delivered in high grades.

Today we note with great satisfaction that the workers of Andijan, Bukhara, Khorezm, Kashkadarya, Navoi, Samarkand regions and the Republic of Karakalpakstan were among the first to fulfill a contractual obligations, in general, cotton growers in all regions of Uzbekistan made a worthy contribution to high hirman of the country.

A bright example for others became farmers of Amudarya, Karauzyak, Pakhtaabady, Bulakboshi, Olot, Romitan, Dustlik, Mirishkor, Kasbi, Kiziltepa, Mingbulak, Namangan, Kattakurgan, Kattakurgon, Syrdarya, Buka, Yukorichirchik, Besharik, Yazyavon, Tashlak, Khiva, Yangiarik, Koshkopir areas, who completed the job in 20-25 working days.

When it comes to our successes this year, the decent end of the season, we should certainly speak about the grain as well. Admiring self-sacrificing labor of our dehkans and farmers, all specialists in this sector, raised an all-time high hirman of grain, providing us with bread, of course, we express our immense appreciation.

The fact that the average wheat yield in the country reached 53 centners of grain per hectare, in the Andijan region it made – 71 centners, in Bukhara region – 60 centners, in Kashkadarya and Namangan regions – 57 centners, in Samarkand and Surkhandarya – 56 centners, Ferghana region – 55 centners, Tashkent region – 52 centners, and in many areas exceeded 60-77 centners, all of these, undoubtedly is a huge achievement in the history of agriculture in the country.

Uzbekistan, in the recent past, which was forced to spend huge amounts of money to import grain from outside and survived harsh times, when the stock of flour in the Republic was only for seven to ten days, today has become a country, not only providing his own bread to more than 31.5 million people, but exporting grain as well.

The most important thing, more than 57 percent, i.e. more than 4 million 210 thousand tons of grain harvested in the current year is left at the disposal of farms and rural population.

A solid basis for achieving such lofty goals that we previously could not even imagine, was that having spent 1 trillion 627 billion soums in the last seven years, we have improved reclamation state of 2 million 45 thousand hectares of land.

The results of our work, which consistently continues in the present, are clearly visible on the example of the fact that over the past two years the yield of cotton and wheat has grown in our country on average by 2-5 centners.

We can say with confidence that in conditions of extremely hot summer of this year, the most important role in the fate of the harvest played, first of all, great diligence and extensive experience of our dedicated farmers – real masters of their craft, timely application of organic fertilizers, rational use of every drop of water, conducting other necessary agrotechnical measures.

At that, we should note the significant contribution of scientists, achieving significant results in the creation of high yielded and early maturing, resistant to various diseases crop plants.

When we talk about agronomists and experts, who deeply mastered modern technologies, fluent in all the secrets of farming, fighting various pests and diseases of plants, we pay tribute to the farmers who are directly involved in such large-scale work, assume responsibility and effectively resolve all problems and tasks.

I would like once again express my respect and best wishes to our distinguished women who have made an invaluable contribution to the high achievements of this year and along with housework and chores also actively involved in field works.

Summing up the season, it should be noted that the key factors of this success are primarily strengthening outlook, a changing relation to work of our farmers, carefully and skillfully cultivating the land, which pays them hundredfold, in short, a fundamental change in philosophy of life of the villagers.

When I go to places and talk to the field workers, who speak with such excitement, great confidence and proud not only about their work, but also about the fate of our entire country, the future of our youth, expressing a sense of complicity to various events happening around, I see the most important result of our ongoing reforms.

It would not be wrong to say that dehkans and farmers who raised a rich harvest, has provided abundance in our markets, on the tables of our countrymen, price stability, greatly contribute to the strengthening of peace and tranquillity in the country, are our mainstay and hope.

In this regard I consider it necessary to reiterate: it is hard to find such hardworking and skilled people in the world, as the Uzbek dehkans, and this truth is once again confirmed by your, my dear, outstanding achievements of this year. On my own behalf, on behalf of our people I express my deep gratitude and bow to all of you for your noble work, which is a real example of courage and heroism.

Dear dehkans and farmers!

Assessing our achievements, we should think about creating a solid foundation for the harvest of the next year, further increasing the efficiency of agricultural industries.

Of course, we all understand that rapidly changing time puts before the agricultural sector more and more new problems. The produced by our farmers products must be more competitive to the demand on the world market, for it has risen steadily. To this end, in the center of our constant attention must stand such topical issues as the modernization of agriculture, increasing the efficiency of diversified farm enterprises and farmers ‘ councils, education of new generations of farmers, the creation of appropriate to natural and climatic conditions of each region high-yielding, early maturing, disease-resistant varieties of cotton and grain crops, increasing the area of intensive orchards, the number of processing enterprises, increasing the soil fertility, implementation of modern water – saving agricultural technologies.

Dear friends! Once again congratulating you and in your person the people of Uzbekistan with today’s high labor victory, I express all of you my most kind and sincere wishes.

Let the fruits of your honest labor will bring you, your families wealth and well-being!

Let abundance be in our houses, peace and tranquility in our country!

Let the Almighty protect our dear and sacred Motherland, our hardworking and dedicated people!

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