Publishing Projects Competition


Regional Integration Studies Programme of the EDB Technical Assistance Fund

The EDB Technical Assistance Fund invites researchers to bid for the publication of their individual or collective monographs. The purpose of this competition is to promote academic or applied studies pertaining to the urgent issues of socioeconomic and political development of CIS countries in the context of the ongoing and prospective integration initiatives.

Eligible bidders should be nationals of CIS countries. Bids can be submitted by individuals or research teams (2-4 persons). Studies must pertain to one of the following subjects:

— regional integration in trade and industry;

— infrastructure integration;

— financial integration; or

— political and institutional integration.

Studies can also embody a multi-subject approach and embrace economics, political science and individual sectors (e.g., transport, communications, energy, environment, etc.), with a practical emphasis on integration at a country, industry or company level.

The TAF will not finance the publication of textbooks, scientific magazines or other periodicals.

Competition terms and requirements for bids


The competition is open to nationals of CIS countries who wish to receive grants for publishing the results of their individual or collective research projects pertaining to the above listed subjects. In the case of an international team, the majority of the researchers must be nationals of CIS countries. Grants will be awarded on a competitive basis.

Bid contents

A bid package must include:

— plan/summary of the proposed monograph (Schedule 1);

— CV of the author(s) (Schedule 2) with a list of previous publications; and

— publication budget (Schedule 3).

Selection process

The Bank will assess bids by the following criteria:

— project’s relevance to the urgent issues of the regional or national economy;

— clear formulation of the project’s tasks and an original idea;

— reliance on modern scientific methods which are well developed and suited for the project’s tasks;

— possession of adequate background data; and

— bidders’ experience and acquaintance with scientific works on the selected subject.

Preference will be given to bidders whose studies are especially relevant to the objectives, tasks and strategy of the Bank.

Selection time and procedure

Any information on the expert assessment of bids is strictly confidential. The selection will be done in two phases. A shortlist will be drawn up in two months from the application deadline based on the assessment results and the budget of the competition. During the next phase the selected bidders will be required to submit their manuscripts for reviewing, and their bids will be considered by the TAF Managing Committee.

Decisions on awarding grants will be made by the TAF Managing Committee based on recommendations by the Bank’s Technical Assistance and expert opinions; final decisions will be approved by the Bank’s Executive Board.

Bidders will be allowed to amend or supplement their bids so approved, provided that such amendments do not materially change the contents or volume of the proposed monograph.

The Bank reserves the right to refuse publication solely at its discretion.

Financing, grant size and payment procedure

Grants can be awarded to individuals or teams (2-4 persons). Grants will be within a range of $5,000-10,000 depending on the nature of the study and publication costs.

A grant must be applied towards full or partial financing of the publication; the actual volume of a monograph to be published may not exceed the volume stated in the bid. Publication will be financed in two instalments: 50% will be paid in advance and 50% in arrears.

After disbursement the recipient will be required to produce documents confirming that the grant is being used in accordance with the stated purpose.

Grants may not be applied towards equipment, travel costs, project preparation or administration, or remuneration of the team leader or members.

A grant recipient will be required to enter into a formal agreement with the Bank under which the former will furnish the Bank with ten copies of the published monograph and supply an article based on the monograph materials to the Bank’s magazine Eurasian Economic Integration.

Winners of the competition can also be awarded additional grants for attending a conference held by the Bank, provided that the subject of such a conference closely relates to the subject of their studies.


Bids must be sent electronically to until 30 July 2010.

Bidders are responsible for submitting a full bid package in a timely manner. Any bids arriving after the deadline or completed not in accordance with the following requirements will be rejected.