Rehabilitation of State Historical Museum of Kyrgyzstan to be completed by Mid-2016


A lot of work has been done since the President requested to reconstruct the State Historical Museum a year ago, Deputy Prime Minister Damira Niyazaliyeva said on January 14.

“I think the Ministry of Culture and the Government move consistently in this direction,” she said.

“The museum staff and the Ministry of Culture have specific suggestions on the museum reconstruction. I will try to accelerate the signing of Government’s regulations. Regardless of the number of ministers changed during this time, the process of rehabilitation is underway. The museum will show the history of our people,” the official noted.

The rehabilitation will be completed in accordance with the deadlines. “The museum will open its doors by July 1, 2016,” Niyazaliyeva said.

Financing for rehabilitation is already available, and the feasibility study is ready. Talks have been held; Turkish company is ready to finance the rehabilitation. Now everything depends on us how we are going to structure the work. And we will do our best, as we have a great task – to complete the reconstruction by July 1,” she added.


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