Revival and safeguard of the Kyrgyz horse-related ethnic music and poetic repertory

A national seminar in Bishkek will gather 25 musicians, singers and poets (akyns) from the 7 oblasts of the Kyrgyz Republic and from Murghab district-Tajikistan. It will focus on the horse-related melodies and songs and will seek to strengthen and to promote exchanges of knowledge between musicians from different areas and generations.

The Foundation Kyrgyz Ate invite you to the rehearsal in public on 15th December from 10h to 12h and from 15h to 18h in Issyk Kul hotel – Prospect Mira, 301, Bishkek. This national seminar is the last phase of a four-year project, which first has consisted in a phase of research through field trips in the seven oblasts of the Kyrgyz Republic and in Murghab district, aiming to find and to record unknown musicians and singers able to remember and to revive the ancestral melodies and songs referred to the horse, and to encourage them to privilege the topic of the horse in their new creations – knowing that ancestral Kyrgyz melodies and songs referred to the horse have almost fallen into the lapse of memory.

Then the selected musicians and singers have been invited to participate in four inter-regional seminars. Most of them have also performed during “At Chabysh” festivals and in the Opera Ballet Bishkek (2007).

From today, the promotion of these musicians, singers and poets, and consequently the revival and the safeguard of the horse-related ethnic musical repertory, will be supported in Central Asia and abroad by :

The data base « Kyrgyz ethnic musical repertory of horse- related melodies and songs » which includes all musicians, their melodies and songs, pictures and tapes collected on the four-year field trips during in the Tian Shan and Pamir mountains (Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan).

The DVD and CD ” Kyrgyz music to the glory of the horse “, produced in studio during the national seminar in Bishkek, which includes the presentation of each musician and singer.