September 24 declared a day off on the occasion of Kurban Hayit

uzbOn September 18, 2015 the President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov signed a Resolution “On the celebration of Kurban Hayit”.

Thus, taking into account the appeal of the Muslim Board of Uzbekistan on the coincidence of the first day of Kurban Hayit with September 24 (Thursday) this year, September 24 was announced to be a day off and it was charged to widely celebrate the holiday throughout the country.

The Document entrusted the “Nuroniy” and “Mahalla” Republican Funds, other relevant departments and public organizations to carry out the necessary measures to organize the Kurban Hayit at a high level in accordance with the national values of our people.

The National TV and Radio Company of Uzbekistan, the Uzbekistan National News Agency and other media were recommended to broadly cover activities related to the celebration of Kurban Hayit.

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