The 4th Vienna Economic Forum of the CIS and Eastern Europe

The 4th Vienna Economic Forum of the CIS and Eastern Europe “Innovation and investment: the role of financial institutions in the development of the economies of the Commonwealth” is to be held in Vienna, Austria, on April 28 to May 1, 2010.

The annual forum became a traditional and authoritative platform for exchange of experience between financial institutions of the EU and CIS. Representatives of international financial organizations, commercial banks, investment funds, national development institutions, bodies of legislative and executive authorities of the CIS and EU, developers of innovation programs and participants of integration processes will gather in the capital of Austria.

bThe forum’s discussions will touch upon the issues specific to economies of most CIS countries.

Organizer is the CIS Finance and Banking Council under assistance of the CIS Executive Committee.

Within the framework of the Forum it is planned to conduct plenary meetings and round table conferences on the following agenda:

  • Role of international financial organizations in providing innovative development.
  • Collaboration of innovative program operators with financial institutions: problems and solutions.
  • Cooperation of financial-banking institutions with national financial regulators, legislative and executive bodies in financing innovative projects.
  • Innovation as a product of market economy. Criteria and standards of financial evaluation of innovative projects.
  • Role of national banks for development and strategic banks of CIS countries in the innovative development.
  • International Financial Centers – innovative elements of financial architecture.
  • Financing cross-border innovation programs in CIS.
  • Join collaboration of national financial structures of CIS and international development organizations on implementing innovation projects.
  • Single Customs Zone (Russia-Kazakhstan-Belarus): new opportunities for integration with the European Union.