The 5th International Turkmenistan Gas Congress. Post congress report


The 5th International Turkmenistan Gas Congress 
20‐21 May 2014, Berkarar Hotel, Avaza, Turkmenbashi, Turkmenistan 

Post congress report 
“Turkmenistan and global energy integration”.  
“The Gas Community and the new map of global gas production at the 5th International Gas Congress”. 


Natural Gas is becoming increasingly important in the 21st century as the most environmentally safe source of energy and chemical raw materials. 

According to expert forecasts, natural gas and gas chemistry will play the same role this century that oil and oil chemistry played in the last.

Turkmenistan is a state with great resources of strategically important hydrocarbons (mainly natural gas) and one of the leading energy providers in the world, making the country an influential player on the global energy market. According to various publications and independent experts, Turkmenistan occupies fourth place in the world for natural gas resources. 

The resources of the giant Galkynysh gas deposit which is the second largest in the world with 26.2 billion cubic metres of gas are just one of the examples of the great potential of the country as a provider of natural gas.

The gas industry of Turkmenistan successfully carries out a range of activities, including the development and extraction of gas and condensed gas deposits, processing of natural gas and the transportation and sale of gas and the products of gas processing.

The reserves of natural gas are the basis for the creation of a diversified system for the entry of energy resources to the world market, due to which Turkmenistan will become one the largest suppliers of gas fuels in the near future.

Turkmenistan(On the photo from left to right: Charymuhamet Hommadov, Chairman, National Gas Company TurkmenGas; Daniel D. Stein, Senior Adviser, Bureau of Energy Resources, U.S. Department of State; Dr. M K Nayyar, Vice President, ONGC Videsh Limited (India); Jam Kamal Khan, Minister of State for Petroleum  and  Natural  Resources  of  the  Islamic Republic  of  Pakistan;  Professor  Hussain  Monsur,  Chairman,  Petrobangla; Baymyrat Hojamuhammedov,  Deputy  Chairman,  Cabinet  of  Ministers  of Turkmenistan; Abdelhamid  Zerguine,  Chairman &  CEO,  Sonatrach;  Ali  Rashid  2 Al‐Jarwan, CEO, Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company ADMA‐OPCO; Denis Daniilidis, Charge d’Affaires a.i., European Union in Turkmenistan; Muhammetnur Halylov, Minister of Oil and Gas Industry and Mineral Resources of Turkmenistan and Hector Fajardo, President, Chevron Nebitgaz B.V in Turkmenistan.) 

The 5th International Turkmenistan Gas Congress (TGC) took place by the Caspian Sea in the Avaza tourism zone in the conference hall at Berkarar hotel. The event attracted around 500 delegates from 41 countries, including representatives of government bodies, heads of diplomatic missions, prominent international organisations, scientists and experts and the representatives of 158 organisations.

Important government officials that represented Turkmenistan at the congress included Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan responsible for the Oil and Gas sector Baymurad Hodzhamukhamedov, Director of the State Agency  for the Use and Management  of  Hydrocarbon  Resources  under the  President  of  Turkmenistan Yagshigeldy Kakaev, Chairmen of the Turkmengaz, Turkmenneft, Turkmengeologia, Turkmenhimiya and Turkmenneftegazstroy State Corporations, the Turkmenbashi Oil Processing Complex, Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources of Turkmenistan and the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

International  governmental  delegations that represented  energy ministries  and  national oil  and  gas  companies  and organisations  came to Turkmenistan. The delegation from Russia was headed by Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Russian Federation Arkady Dvorkovich, the delegation from Afghanistan was headed by the Minister of Mines and Petroleum of Afghanistan Mohammad Akbar Barakzai, the delegation from Pakistan headed by Minister of State for Petroleum & Natural Resources Jam Kamal Khan, the delegation from Algeria headed by CEO of the State Oil and Gas Corporation Abdelhamid Zerguine, delegation of Bangladesh headed by Chairman of the Board of the National Oil and Gas Company Hussein Mansour, delegation from Azerbaijan headed by Vice President of SOCAR Tofig Gahramanov, delegation from UAE headed by Ali Rashid Al‐Jarwan, CEO of the Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company ADMA‐OPCO, delegation from India headed by Vice President of ONGC Videsh Limited Dr. M.K. Najar along with other delegations from the European Commission, US Department of State, Canada, Qatar, Romania, Tajikistan, and the International Methanol Producers and Consumers Association.

The International Gas Congress was accredited by important and respected companies, including Chevron (U.S.), Petronas (Malaysia), LG International, Hyundai and Samsung (South Korea), Pietro Fiorentini and ENI (Italy), CNPC, Huawei (China), Dragon Oil (UAE), Airbus, Cifal (France), Shell (Netherlands, United Kingdom), ONGC Videsh (India), Gazprom, OMK ZAO, FIDMASH (Russia), Mitsubishi Corporation (Japan), RWE Dea AG (Germany), Gaffney, Cline & Associates (UK), Petrofac (UK), BG Group (UK), ExxonMobil Exploration and Production Turkmenistan Ventures BV, Schlumberger (U.S.), Schneider Electric Industry SAS (France), Calik Energy (Turkey), Sumitomo Corporation, YOKOGAWA, ITOCHU Corporation (Japan), TOTAL (France), Wintershall ( Germany), TekhnoPro, SWAPO (Russia) Petro Gas, Interpipe and AZOVMASH (Ukraine), Dredging International BV , Buried Hill Serdar Limited, Burren Resources Petroleum Limited, BG Group, Belam Power Engineering AG, BASF, BACS, STF, Beicip‐Franlab, NALCO Champion / An Ecolab Company and many others.

The welcome address from President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov to the congress participants noted that the congress plays an important role in the implementation of prioritised programmes aimed at increasing the rate of industrialisation of the country, the diversification of the national economy, the intensive study of the colossal hydrocarbon resources of Turkmenistan and the introduction of the latest technologies and solutions into their extraction and processing.  The welcome address was read out by Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan Baymyrat Hojamuhammedov.

The plenary session of the Gas congress was chaired by President of Chevron Nebitgaz B.V. Turkmenistan Hector Fajardo.

Chairman  of  Turkmengaz  National  Gas  Corporation  Charymuhammet  Hommadov  made a  report  on  the  role  of Turkemnistan and its strategic position on the map of the global gas industry. He underlined that the Turkmengaz State Corporation continues with its large scale implementation of measures that will lead to an economic breakthrough. One of the important projects being put into operation is the Galkynysh gas field, which will be the main source of natural gas for export in the future.The strategy of the gas industry of Turkmenistan, its potential and prospects for development were discussed in a report by Minister of the Oil and Gas Industry and Mineral Resources of Turkmenistan Muhammetnur Khalylov ‐ “The main tasks ofthe gasindustry of Turkmenistan are the effective and efficient use ofsubsoilresources and the supply of fuel to internal and foreign consumers”.

The plenary session also featured reports from  Abdelhamid Zerguine, Chairman and CEO, Sonatrach, Jam Kamal Khan Minister of State for Petroleum and Natural Resources of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Daniel D. Stein, Senior Adviser, Bureau of Energy Resources, US Department of State, Dr M.K. Nayyar, Vice President, ONGC Videsh Limited (India), Denis Daniilidis, Charge d’Affaires a.i, European Union in Turkmentistan, Professor Hussain Monsur, Chairman, Petrobangla (National Oil and Gas Company of Bangladesh) and a representative of the senior management of  Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company (ADMA‐OPCO).

The second session on the subject of “Optimising the Value of Turkmenistan’s Gas Reserves: Processing, Gas Chemistry and  Marketing”  was  chaired  by  Nathalie  Komatitsch,  Vice  President responsible  for  Turkmenistan,  Azerbaijan  and Tajikistan at Total SA. The session was dedicated to the discussion of important technological aspects of hydrocarbon and natural  gas  processing  and  the  experience  and  offerings  of  well respected  international  companies  for  Turkmen enterprises. The session featured reports from Tachberdy Tagiev, General Director, Turkmenbashi Oil Processing Plants Holding Company, Chul Hee Chun, Head of Petrochemicals Business Division, LG International Corp., Dominic LaVigne, Director  of  Government &  Public  Affairs,  Wan  Fei,  General Director  of the  Chinese Oil  Engineering  branch,  Emma McFarlane, Business Development Manager, Nexant Limited, Onno van Kessel, Senior Business Development Manager XTL, Shell International Exploration & Production, Sergei Zheludkov, Sales Manager, Yokogawa Electric Corporation and Firdaves Zhagfarov, Professor, Dpeartment of Gas Chemistry, Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas.

More intensive and complex processing of natural gas and a larger share of gas products in export will allow Turkmenistan to  improve their position on the primary energy resources market and also to occupy an  important position on the chemical product market, which has more potential. According to the forum participants, this is the reason that chemical processing of methane and ethane which are the components of natural gas,  is increasingly important, allowing for the production  of  polythene,  polypropylene,  polyvinyl chloride  and  other  highly  liquid  products.  Other  important developments  include the utilisation of  associated petroleum  gas  and processing  it  into  liquid natural  gas, synthetic liquids and electrical energy.

Turkmenistan2(On the photo above: Jim Gillett, Senior Business Development Manager, Gaffney, Cline & Associates; Yagshygeldy Kakaev, Chairman, State Agency for Management & Use of Hydrocarbon Resources under the President of Turkmenistan; Arkady Dvorkovich, Deputy Prime Minister, Government of the Russian Federation and Mohammad Akbar Barekzai, Minister of Mines & Petroleum of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan)

The second day of the 5th International Turkmenistan Gas Congress continued with a session on the subject of “International  Investment  in  the  Future  Development  of Turkmenistan’s  Gas  Resources:    Further  Production  and Utilisation of Onshore and Offshore Gas”. The session was moderated by Ronan Deasy, Country Chair Turkmenistan and New  Business &  Commercial  Manager,  Central  Asia,  Shell. Speakers  included Yagshygeldy  Kakaev,  Chairman,  State Agency for Management & Use of Hydrocarbon Resources, under the President of Turkmenistan, Arkady Dvorkovich, Deputy Prime Minister, Government of the Russian Federation, Atadurdy Berdiniyazov, Chairman, TurkmenGeology State Company,  Jim  Gillet,  Senior  Business Development  Manager,  Gaffney,  Cline  and Associates,  Asim  Murtaza  Khan, Managing Director  and  CEO,  Pakistan  Petroleum Limited, Jung  Mo Jang,  Vice  President, Head of  Marketing Office, Hyundai Engineering Co, Taganguly Ilamanov, Director, Institute of Geology, TurkmenGeology State Company, Stephen Wade, Senior Manager, USAID MEP/Deloitte Consulting.

The 2nd session on the second day on the subject of “Stable and reliable transit of Gas: Key Infrastructure, Environmental and Transit Issues” was chaired by Neven Tikvica, Sales Director CIS, AIRBUS Defence and Space. The main speakers included  Babageldi Annabyramov,  Minister  of  Environmental  Protection  of  Turkmenistan,  Nazarmammet Kadyrov, Chairman,  TurkmenChemistry National  Company,  Dr  Hossein  Esmaeli Shahmirzadi,  General  Director  of  Europe  and Caspian  Sea Neighbouring Countries, Ministry of  Petroleum of the  Islamic Republic of  Iran,  Tofig Gahramanov, Vice President for Strategic Development, SOCAR, Azerbaijan, Subhonkul Mavloni, Head Specialist, Production, Processing and Provision  of Oil  and  Gas,  Ministry  of  Energy  and  Water Resources  of the  Republic  of  Tajikistan,  Alexander  Plavin, Commercial Director, Ballast Pipelines SVAP Ltd, Dr Jan Swan, Director, RSK Environment Ltd, Andrey Yakunin, Senior Engineer, Turkmengazavtomatika & Krohne and Kalle Marttila, Account Manager, Airbus Defence & Space.

The  final,  third  session  on  the  subject  of  “Future  Prospects  of  Turkmenistan’s  Oil and Gas  Sector:  International Cooperation and Application of the Latest Technological Developments” was chaired by Amanaly Gurbanov, Chaiman, National Oil & Gas Construction Company TurkmenNefteGasStroy. Tacjdurdy Begjanov, Chairman, National Oil Company Turkmenoil made an important keynote speech. Other speakers included Alishir Helel, Director, Huawei Turkmenistan Enterprise Business Group, Huawei Tech. Investment CO.,LTD, Irina Bairamova, Director, Institute for Oil & Gas, National Gas Company TurkmenGas, Hudaynazar Atageldiyev, General Director, Merdem Catering, Jean‐Bernard Roulet, Regional Manager, New Units  ‐  Eurasia, Dresser‐Rand, Doruk Sargin, D&M Operations  Manager  Turkmenistan,  Schlumberger Logelco Inc and Yves Bourg, Director, Beicip‐Franlab Representatives of international companies and organisations expressed their desire to work towards improving their business and partnerships with Turkmenistan. Senior Turkmen officials also spoke of their interest in cooperation with the leading oil and gas companies as subcontractors for the development and use of hydrocarbon resources and as partners in product sharing.

Networking Events at TGC 2014

Four  coffee  breaks  were sponsored  by  Dragon  Oil  and  TechnoProm,  the  two  dinners sponsored  by  Hyundai  and Turkmengaz State Company, one cocktail reception was sponsored by Chevron and one by Turkmengaz State Company and the Gala dinner was sponsored by LG International, which offered the delegates addition opportunities ot interact with each other and create contacts.

Countries that were part of the Gas Congress

1. Afghanistan
2. Algiers
3. Australia
4. Austria
5. Azerbaijan
6. Bangladesh
7. Belarus
8. Belgium
9. China
10. Cyprus
11. Estonia
12. France
13. Georgia
14. Germany
15. Hungary
16. India
17. Iran
18. Italy
19. Japan
20. Kazakhstan
21. Latvia
22. Malaysia
23. Pakistan
24. Philippines
25. Qatar
26. Romania
27. Russia
28. Singapore
29. Slovakia
30. Korea
31. Sweden
32. Switzerland
33. Tajikistan
34. Netherlands
35. Turkey
36. Turkmenistan
37. UAE
38. UK
39. Ukraine
40. Uruguay
41. USA

The organising committee would like to use this opportunity to thank the PARTICIANTS and sponsors of the Turkmenistan Gas Congress 2014 for their support.

Total number of delegates: 471
Total number of participating organisations: 158
Total number of foreign participants: 316
Total number of local participants: 155
Total number of speakers: 40


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