The First International Invest Forum “Astana Invest 2010”

The First International Investment Forum “Astana Invest 2010” will be held on June 7th, 2010, at the Radisson SAS Hotel in Astana, Kazakhstan. The Government of Kazakhstan officially supports the forum. Major of City Astana and Caspian Business Events organizes the forum. Politics and government are the main economic activity in the capital, which also forms a Special Economic Zone. Since the move, Astana has seen one of the world’s greatest building projects, as oil money has been spent on government buildings, a massive home for the president, a mosque, and numerous parks and monuments. The project is designed to not just make the town the centre of Kazakhstan, but of all Central Asia.

The Astana Invest 2010 Forum will be a unique platform for investors from all over the world. The Forum and exhibition will play a big role in presenting to investors and businessmen the latest prospects, trends, and projects that Astana has to offer by forging a direct link with investors. The Forum will address key issues on investment trends by creating awareness among investors about the different opportunities and potentials of the Astana City. The Forum will be an educational platform where participants can exchange views with the objective to enhance and develop joint venture opportunities and a healthy investment atmosphere, and will help the visitors to find various options for investment under the same roof.