The level of mechanization of cotton harvesting in Turkmenistan has reached high levels

Over 2,000 cotton harvesting machines are used on the cotton fields of the Turkmenistan.

In the future, Turkmenistan plans to shift to a 100 percent machine assembly of the cotton crop. The increase in the number of cotton harvesting equipment will allow Turkmenistan to achieve this goal.

It should be noted that cotton is not only the main raw material for the textile industry of the republic, but it remains an important export product. Raw materials are supplied to China, Russia, Great Britain, South Korea, Turkey, Iran, Indonesia, Singapore, Ukraine and the Baltic countries.

In the current year, cotton pickers of american and uzbek production, as well as Belarusian four-wheeled tractors MTZ with trucks, thousands of trucks, tractors and trailers will be used.

Turkmenistan, in order to completely exclude manual labor in the harvesting of cotton, purchased only 700 units of cotton harvesting equipment in 2018: 500 units of MX-1.8 uzbek combines and 200 combines of John Deere 9970.

According to experts, each John Deere harvester can harvest cotton from 5,000 hectares within 8 moto/hours. And Uzbek machinery for the same period collects 2,500 hectares of cotton.

Currently, more than 2000 combines are in working order, which will be able to collect over 400,000 hectares of cotton per month.

In 2018 agricultural producers of the state plan to collect 1 million 50 thousand tons of “white gold”.


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