The new Kazakhstan’s view into the future

Large-scale changes in Kazakhstan are impossible without the transformation of public consciousness. This is the main message of the article of the President of the country Nursultan Nazarbayev, published recently in the press and aroused great interest both among the residents of the republic and in the international expert community.

The article titled «Looking into the future: Modernizing Public Consciousness» reflects the thoughts of the head of state on how to make Kazakhstan’s society a step into the future. The future, which seems so volatile and difficult due to the acceleration of all technological processes and the growing competitiveness of the economies of the world. The task of renewing today is facing all the states of the world, as well as in front of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev notes. World tendencies change the universe, a kind of change of epochs, which gives Kazakhstan a unique opportunity to reach an entirely new level of development.


The modern period of international relations is characterized by contradictory events in the relations of states. The global world with its accelerating dynamics requires a special type of nation consciousness, which is based on people’s spirituality and traditions. In these conditions, the issues of preserving the society’s spiritual and value orientations are of primary importance.

The large-scale reforms initiated in the country should be accompanied by a faster modernization of public consciousness, the President writes. At the same time, he notes that to date, a lot of painstaking work has been done and Kazakhstan is an established state. But it’s time to start a larger and more fundamental work that will change the public consciousness to become a single nation of strong and responsible people.

The first condition for the modernization of a new type is the preservation of one’s own culture, of its own national code. Without this, modernization will turn into an empty sound. It should not be arrogant to look at historical experience and traditions. On the contrary, it is necessary to make the best traditions an important condition for the success of modernization. And here the President singles out several directions of modernization of consciousness, both of society as a whole, and of every Kazakhstani. First of all, it is competitiveness, when it is important to concentrate and adapt to new realities and conditions, taking the best of what the new era bears in itself. Each Kazakhstani should allocate the most important for himself to be able to offer something advantageous in regional and global markets. And this is not only a material product, but also intellect and knowledge. Among the unconditional prerequisites for this are factors such as computer literacy, knowledge of foreign languages and cultural openness. Therefore, the program «Digital Kazakhstan», the trilingual program, and the program of cultural and confessional consent are part of the nation’s preparation for life in the 21st century, the President said.

In his programmatic article, he emphasizes that modernization is impossible without changing habits and stereotypes, while singling out an important direction – pragmatism. At one time, the nation’s extravagance led to the disappearance of the Aral Sea, transforming thousands of hectares of natural land into zones of ecological disaster, the article says. This is a vivid example of an extremely non-pragmatic attitude, in this case to the environment. Therefore, Nursultan Nazarbayev notes – the ability to live rationally, with an emphasis on achieving real goals – this is the pragmatism in behavior. And this is the only successful model in the modern world.

It is important to preserve national identity. National traditions and customs, language and music, literature and wedding ceremonies, in one word, the national spirit should always remain with the people, the President emphasizes. But it is necessary to get rid of some archaic and superfluous habits and addictions in modern realities. For example, you need to leave the regional division of a single nation in the past. We are building a meritocratic society, where everyone should be assessed on personal contribution and on personal professional qualities, the head of state writes.

In the coming decades, half of all professions will disappear and under such conditions only a highly educated person will be able to live successfully. Therefore, Kazakhstan is among the most advanced countries in terms of the share of budget financing the education sector. If education is the main value in the value system of youth, the nation will succeed, Nursultan Nazarbayev is convinced.

The President of the country is also convinced that only evolutionary development gives the nation a chance to succeed. The entire twentieth century was marked by revolutionary upheavals. Today, the character of the revolutions has changed, it has acquired a distinct national, religious, cultural or separatist color. Therefore, a serious rethinking of what is happening in the world is part of a huge ideological, ideological work that must be carried out by society as a whole, and political parties and movements, and the education system.

President Nazarbayev also speaks about the openness of consciousness, which is expressed in at least three main aspects. This is an understanding of what is happening in the big world, around your country and what is happening in your part of the planet. And this readiness to change, which brings a new technological way, it will change the huge layers of our life – work, life, rest, home, the ways of human communication.

In his article, Nursultan Nazarbayev presented a kind of action plan, an agenda for the coming years. He lists six specific projects that can be deployed in the foreseeable future. First of all, it is necessary to begin work for a phased transition of the Kazakh language to the Latin alphabet. This requires a quiet staged. We prepared for this with caution throughout the years of Independence, he writes. The head of Kazakhstan spoke about the need to switch to Latin alphabet in December 2012 in his annual Address to the people of the country. This means that it is from that time in all areas that we need to begin the transition to the Latin alphabet – this includes paperwork, periodicals, and textbooks.

Latin – the dominant graphics in the world, using it, Kazakhstan will become closer and more understandable to the world. This will have a positive impact on Kazakhstan’s competitiveness, will show that the country is focused on the broadest interaction with the international community. In a strategic perspective, switching to Latin alphabet for Kazakhstan is the right step, which meets national interests.

The second project, designated by the Leader of the Nation, has the title «New Humanitarian Knowledge. 100 new textbooks in the Kazakh language» on social and human sciences. Within its framework, humanitarian departments should be restored to support the humanitarian society of Kazakhstan. It is necessary to translate in the next few years the 100 best textbooks of the world from different languages in all directions of humanitarian knowledge into the Kazakh language and to enable our youth to learn from the best world standards, the President of Kazakhstan notes in the article.

Further in the article he proposes the program «Native land», which will easily pass into a wider installation – «Home country». Its meaning lies in patriotism towards one’s own country, a small homeland. The President notes the main provisions of the project – it is also the need to organize serious study of local lore in the field of education, ecology and landscaping, the study of regional history, the restoration of cultural and historical monuments and cultural objects of local scale. It is important to approach this program in a systematic and organized way, the Kazakh leader sums up.

Another important project is «Spiritual relics of Kazakhstan», or, as scientists say, «The Sacral Geography of Kazakhstan». And there the issue is not even in the restoration of monuments, buildings and structures. The question is to link together in the national consciousness a complex of monuments around «Ulytau» and the mausoleum of «Ahmet Yassaui’s Skin», the ancient monuments of Taraz and the burial of Becket-Ata, the ancient complexes of East Kazakhstan and the sacred places of the Seven Rivers, and many other places. All of them form the skeleton of our national identity, writes the President.

The next project, which is important from the point of view of increasing the competitiveness of the nation, is called «Modern Kazakhstan culture in the global world». Thanks to it, Kazakhstan is rec ognized not only by oil resources and major foreign policy initiatives, but also by the cultural achievements of the country, Nursultan Nazarbayev said. It is necessary that the national culture be heard in the six the UN languages. Secondly, it should be precisely modern culture, one that is created and created by our contemporaries, the President writes. And the current year should be decisive in determining what it is necessary to show the world in the sphere of culture, Nazarbayev emphasizes.

The sixth project is called «100 new individuals of Kazakhstan». He is called to direct the attention of society to the present, to the history of our contemporaries. This is the story of 100 specific people from different regions, different ages and nationalities who have succeeded in a quarter century of Independence. Their story about life is more convincing than any statistics, President Nazarbayev believes. We must make them the heroes of our television documentary, a role model, for a sober and objective view of life. At the same time, it is necessary to create not only national but also regional projects «100 new persons», the head of state sums up.

The state and the nation are not a static structure, but a living, developing organism. To live, you need to have the ability to make meaningful adaptation, notes the main idea of the entire article Nursultan Nazarbayev. Time does not stop, which means that modernization, like history itself, is an ongoing process. At the new era breakthrough Kazakhstan has a unique historical chance through renewal and new ideas to build their own better future, the President addresses the country’s youth. In the new reality, the inner desire for renewal is the key principle of our development, the head of state is convinced. To survive, you need to change. Anyone who does not make this will be carried by the heavy sand of history.


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