The Silk Road Import Shop Berlin 2012

Shardana foundation of Kyrgyz mankind & culture heritage is pleased to announce that a Jubilee (50 years) international exhibition: Import Shop Messe Berlin will be held from 7-11 November 2012 in Berlin, Germany. This year major guests of the exhibition “The Silk Road” are the craftsmen from Central Asia. 16 artisans are participating from Kyrgyzstan.

After the exhibition, they plan to organise the presentations of handicrafts in the Town Hall of Charlottenburg in Berlin, as well as in the cities of Bremen and Munich, supported by the German-Kyrgyz Cultural Society.

Organisers prepare information and advertising stands on “Cultural tourism”, where flyers of various companies, CDs, business cards of tour operators, hotels and etc. will be displayed. Then there will be prepared and distributed the report, in the form of photographic material on the presentation of advertising material during the show and presentations in Berlin, Bremen and Munich. Also a “test tour” of an expert group from Germany visiting shops of craftsmen in Chui, Naryn and Issyk-Kul Regions during the summer of 2012 will be displayed (in a slideshow).

The whole campaign is aimed at attracting the attention of visitors (last year there were about 40 thousand) at cultural tourism in Kyrgyzstan – familiarity with the culture, nature, traditions and values of our country and support artisans in the region.

This promotion also aims to raise funds to finance the trip of musicians who will accompany our program with Kyrgyz traditional music.

Advertising cost of each unit of your promotional products – EUR 0.50 per unit.
We look forward to a positive response and your willingness to take part in this project.

For all questions, please contact the project coordinator Asel Temiralieva-Meyer


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