Turkmenistan has got the slowest internet in Central Asia


Pando Network, a company specializing in delivering large quantities of online information to other companies, has released its most recent Global Internet Speed Study, which ranks 224 countries on their internet speed and download completion rate. The findings are based on the data from 27 million downloads by 20 million computers between January and June of 2011

Study shows the average internet speed in a given country rather that the coverage or the size of a footprint. Basically, it does not matter how many people are actually connected to Internet in any specific country, just ten thousand or ten million.

According to the report, the worldwide average download speed is 580KBps. The world’s fastest internet service has been found in South Korea, at 17.62 Mbps, in average. The slowest Internet, according to the study, is in the Congo, with an average of just 13 KBps. Turkey has quite expectedly been recognized as the country with the fastest internet among Asian countries with490 KBps. Turkmenistan has got the slowest internet at 72KBps, followed by Uzbekistan, Iran with 73 KBps and 74 KBps, respectively.

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