UN helps Tajikistan to better tackle natural disasters

un-logoThe United Nations organization, through its Disaster Risk Management Program, under the UN Development Program (UNDP), launched a new project in Tajikistan to better manage natural disasters.

After the earthquake in January, measuring 5.3 on the Richter scale, the United Nations send emergency aid to Tajikistan, since it affected over 7,000 people and destroyed more than 100 houses.

Tajikistan, a mountainous country, is disposed to natural disasters, such as floods, avalanches, and earthquakes. Such catastrophes destroy homes in the Central Asian nation.

The Management Program includes constructing new buildings, including the capital, Dushanbe, providing new office space, storage capacity and areas for search-and-rescue teams. Healthcare workers will be trained in risk management and public health in emergencies, as well as specialists from Sweden’s Civil Contingencies Agency will train staff in line with international standards.

Moreover, the UN World Health Organization (WHO) has been given a 1.5-million-U.S.-dollar injection from Japan to strengthen health facilities along Tajikistan’s 1,200-kilometer border with Afghanistan to ensure that they can continue providing health-care services in times of crisis.

More than 1.2 million people in Tajikistan are expected to benefit from this project, the officials said.

Source: People’s Daily Online:

Earthquake in TajikistanEarthquake in Tajikistan