USAID will hold a seminar for entrepreneurs of Kyrgyzstan

USAID will hold a seminar for entrepreneurs of KyrgyzstanIn Bishkek, from July 12 to July 15 in the building of the October district administration of Bishkek city a seminar will be held, called “Theory and practice of regulatory impact analysis techniques with state regulation of business.”

Analyst K. Izmailov would direct the seminar. The seminar is held under the USAID project to improve the business environment. The aim of the seminar is to introduce a more detailed explanation of the technique, called Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA), through which the participants would improve their skills to provide quality training regulations and evaluation of incoming documents.

It is expected that after completing the training, members of the staff of the Bishkek city council, mayor of Bishkek, and structural units of the City Hall will apply in their work the methods of RIA that will reduce the risk of departmental regulations and private lobbying decisions. The technique allows to evaluate both in monetary and qualitative terms, the future or a current effect from the impact of normative legal act, as well as to assess in advance what benefits will receive and what expenses incurred by business, government and society.