Uzbekistan to host children’s creativity “Kamalak yulduzlari” festival

kamalakFrom October 12 to 23 the regional stage of the festival of children’s creativity “Kamalak yulduzlari-2015” will take place. The organizers of the festival are YCM “Kamolot”, the Ministry of Public Education of Uzbekistan, Children’s organization “Kamalak” and the Center of Youth Initiatives.

The purpose of the Children’s Creativity Festival “Kamalak yulduzlari” is to identify the skills and encourage talented children, give them full support, and provide opportunities for them to develop their talents, enrich spiritual outlook of the younger generation, strengthen the desire for beautification, conservation, augmentation and continuation of national traditions and art movements. Talented children from 6 to 14 years can participate in the festival.

The festival will be held in the following areas:

“A” – piano, strings, brass, percussion;

“B” – traditional singing, academic singing, pop music;

“C” – national instruments, stringed, plucked instruments, percussion;

“D” – national, ballroom, modern dance;

“E” – visual and applied arts;

“F” – poetry and literature;

Participants will be judged by a jury consisting of known and experienced professionals, awarded the State and other awards, art historians, artists, artisans, choreographers, poets and writers. All stages of the competition and festival will be open to the public. Viewers can participate in the qualifying stages, and witness the creative activity of the participants.

Below is a graph of the regional stages of the festival of children’s creativity “Kamalak yulduzlari-2015”:

Ferghana region – October 12

Surkhandarya region –  October 13

Navoi region –  October 13

Andijan region –  October 14

Bukhara region –  October 15

Kashkadarya region – October 15

Khorezm region – October 16

Namangan region –  October 16

Samarkand region – October 17

Jizzakh region – October 19

The Republic of Karakalpakstan – October 19

Syrdarya region – October 20

Tashkent region –  October21

Tashkent – October 23

At each stage the most talented members of various areas will receive certificates, diplomas and prizes from the organizers.

The organizers will provide continuous and comprehensive support to the winners of the festival “Kamalak yulduzlari”.

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