Volunteers being prepared for Asian Winter Games

More than 2.5 thousand people were involved in volunteer activity. They will have different tasks such as meeting the guests, cooperating with the media, helping in organizing accommodation and catering as well as working at sports facilities. A special programme, which has had foreign specialists working on it, was developed for their training.

Vladimir Pavlenko, coach (Russia)

“We’ve sculptured different tasks and training courses for each group. With these volunteers, as you can see, we are laying special emphasis on them having the necessity to communicate constantly and being ready to describe and talk about their country.”

Babrak Mekhrabudin, student

“I’ll be translating for participants from Iran.”

Generally speaking, all the volunteers are fluent in foreign languages. However, according to instructors, this is not enough.

Bagilya Akhatova, director, Kazakhstan Communicative Association

“They have to be able to establish necessary contacts, hear, listen and understand the communicative situation, partners, as well as the subject matter. Our training sessions are specifically aimed at developing such communicative skills.”

Ella Mezhibitskaya, student

“They help us be more open with strangers. We are meeting new people here and there will also be guests from other countries.”

Volunteers are also undergoing training at facilities and learning safety rules on the remaining days before the Asian Winter Games. They said that they were proud of participating in this project. At the end, all of them will be awarded with certificates which can help them get employed in the future.