What Kazakhstan doing after terrorist attacks in Aktobe

One of the most stable countries in the former Soviet Union, Kazakhstan, exactly a week living in the antiterrorist operation mode. Religious radicals made a daring raid in one of the largest industrial centers of the country – the city of Aktobe. Security forces responded quickly. All the attackers were detained and neutralized. Nevertheless, the country continues to operate “yellow” level of terrorist threat. How the events will develop in Kazakhstan and whether the country will be able to maintain stability – is today perhaps the main issue of concern not only of Kazakhstan, but also neighboring countries.


The word “terrorist attack” in Kazakhstan usually sounds only at the mention of the terrorist attacks in other countries. Even in conditions where terrorism is erased borders, previously Kazakhstan managed enough successful to contain the pressure of this «plague». This is despite the geographical proximity to one of the world centers of the spread of terrorism – Afghanistan. However, June 5, 2016, on Sunday, the attack took place in Kazakhstan. Law enforcement agencies of Kazakhstan have worked well. They managed to stop the extremists and avoid large losses among the civilian population.

It is noteworthy that in the same week a large-scale anti-terrorist operation was taking place in Israel, a country whose success in the fight against terrorism, recognizes the entire world community. In a country whose experience of security are ready to learn other countries. Despite all these advances in matters of defense of Israel, terrorist attacks regularly committed there. At this time, the militants have distinguished particular audacity and cynicism. They attacked in Tel Aviv, but not far from the building of the Ministry of Defense. The attack killed 4 people and 16 were injured. Israeli authorities in response to tightened security across the country and pledged to take other defensive steps.

In Kazakhstan, it was not limited only to the security enhancement. In short time there developed a comprehensive strategy to prevent the recurrence of similar attacks in the future. Comprehensive, because its implementation – the question of competence not only law enforcement agencies but also the ministries of economy and even health and social protection. To combat terrorism in Kazakhstan, as, indeed, and to address any other issues approached systematically. At the Security Council meeting, President Nursultan Nazarbayev instructed not only to toughen the punishment for those Kazakhs who are involved in international terrorist organizations to simplify the possibility of holding special operations and to strengthen the control over the circulation of weapons, but also to modify the system of migration control and that is extremely important, change the approach to the fight against unemployment.

“What does the fight against unemployment mean?” – anybody asks. And despite the fact that social disadvantage in the most defense country will create a fertile ground for the spread of the influence of destructive organizations, recruiting people into the ranks of terrorist groups. And in Kazakhstan, fortunately, they are well aware that one problem only to gain security measures can not be solved. Therefore every unemployed in the country will now be engaged individually. On proposals for their employment President Nursultan Nazarbayev has led the Ministry of Health and Social Protection and Akimat (approx. The local executive authority) not more than two months.

Verified and strategically competent policy of Kazakhstan in all matters, whether the fight against terrorism or opposition to the global financial crisis, according to experts, has always been a key factor in the investment attractiveness of Kazakhstan. In this time investors despite Aktobe events also haven’t changed their mood towards the country. That, in general, is not surprising. As practice shows, the impact of terrorist activities on the economy occur only when the attacks are no longer perceived as something random and unusual. In Kazakhstan it is the case when “the continuation should not be.”

As against terrorist attacks are not insured by any one country in the world, the question for investors rather than in fact took place there a terrorist attack or not, what was reaction of the authorities, if they failed to take all necessary measures to prevent further attacks in the future. Kazakhstan coped with these goals worthy. Therefore, the investment climate in this Central Asian state will be as favorable, and economic well-being is just as stable.

Also, for example, it has remained economically sustainable Spain in 2004 after the terrorist attacks in Madrid. On the contrary, the economy has grown even then. In the same year more than 2.5% in the next – already 3.5%. This constant tension and regular terrorist attacks in a single Basque Country (approx. Autonomous Community in northern Spain) deprived the country of a tenth of GDP. And such examples in the history a lot.

Individual acts of terrorism, whatever their scale and effects, can’t cause serious economic damage to the country and to force its partners, as well as current and potential investors to reconsider their attitude. In the case of Kazakhstan – even more so. Astana is able to create such conditions that refuse them it’s very difficult. This effective management system, and an open, very liberal domestic order, and a minimum of bureaucracy in comparison with other countries in the region. Therefore, the events in Aktobe in Kazakhstan will likely be reason for the improvement and acceleration on the path of economic development than the hillock that it will slow down.

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