WHEN THE EDELWEISS FLOWERS FLOURISH by Begenas Sartov 20% discount


The Book is available in Almaty, Bishkek, Tashkent, London and Edinburgh

Теперь эта книга доступна также и на кыргызском языке! Стоимость одной книги составляет 700 сомов. Единовременная покупка и кыргызской и английской версии, будет стоить вам всего 1000 сомов.


Reviews from readers:

Peter Wullen:

I think it is a very enchanting book. I don’t even think this is science fiction. It’s kind of dreamlike! I would even call it a religious or mystic novel and this in times of communism. I did read some echoes of Manas too. The description of the beauty of the Ala Too mountains and lake Song Kul are just great.

Ian Claytor:

….an interesting read in itself especially for aficionados of the genre, something that can be fascinating to someone who knows something about the subject – the geography, the history or the culture, which help to bring some of the details to life.

Sigrid Blekastad: 

The mixture of real down to earth descriptions of the culture that takes off into science fiction is something I have rarely read before. I thoroughly enjoyed the stories and can warmly recommend it for readers that are looking for a taste for cultures that are not that well known in western European literature.

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