Win a $ 3000 Lev Gumilyov Prize for the best publicist work from OCA Magazine

The British non-profit organization Eurasian Creative Guild (London) invites you to participate in the 8th Open Eurasia competition. Open Eurasia is an annual open, interactive, international competition involving poets, writers, artists, directors. The Open Eurasia competition has been held since 2012, and during this time, 20 authors have been published and presented in London as well as winning the competition prizes. In 2019, the Open Eurasia prize fund will amount to $ 28,000.

This year for the first time there will be a competition for publicists.

The main prize – prize named after Lev Gumilyov from OCA Magazine is for $ 3000.

The terms of participation:

Works are being accepted on the theme “Developing a dialogue between the developing democracies of the countries of Central Asia/ Eurasia and Great Britain”.

Accepted 1 (one) work, not previously published in English.

Works are accepted in Russian, English, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Uzbek, Tajik, Belarusian and Azeri. Preference will be given to works in English.

The registration form for this link can be found at:

Only members of the Eurasian Creative Guild can participate in the competition. To become a member of the Guild, register at:

After completing the registration form, you must send it to the address: e-mail with the name of the category, and your name in the Subject line, together with the following documents: a synopsis and / or an excerpt from the work (from 1000 to 1500 words) for publication on the site, full text (to 7000 words), photo of the author in good quality (no less than 1 MB in size). The photograph should be of the author.

The deadline for submitting an application is September 15, 2019.

Dear contestants, please be careful! If the contestant does not provide an excerpt or provides a very short synopsis, the organizing committee of the competition may disqualify the participant or may independently choose and publish any excerpt from the work. If an excerpt of more than 1,500 words is provided, then the passage is correspondingly reduced to those 1,500 words. Replacement and correction of published excerpts are not allowed.