OCA Magazine is a quarterly and independent magazine, published in London since 2009 by Silk Road Media Group with support of Eurasian Creative Guild (London). It is aimed at English speaking audiences and those who are interested in or residents of the countries of the former USSR and the Eurasian region. The journal reports on events from and outstanding personalities of the Eurasian region (past and present) and the successful projects of international co-operation in Eurasia. It promotes the cultures, politics, events and communities of both regions and encourages a discussion and exchange of ideas between them to develop both business co-operation, tourist activity and cultural relations.

The guests of the magazine are typically diplomats, politicians and cultural workers from CIS and Europe. Previous issues have presented interviews and articles about: the President of Tatarstan Mintimer Shaimiev, the President of Kyrgyzstan Almazbek Atambaev, the leader of the Uzbekistan Liberal Democratic Party Aktam Khaitov, the leader of the Georgian Labour Party Shalva Natelashvili, the Russian special envoy for international cultural cooperation Mikhail Shvydkoy, the culture minister of Tajikistan Sirojiddin Aslov, the Director of the EBRD office in Tokyo Masaru Honma and the Moldovan composer Eugen Doga among others.


- CIS Embassies,the CIS Embassies in UK;

- Universities;

- Ministries of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of CIS;

- Libraries: the British Library, the Library of Congress, etc.:

- Regional business communities: CATBIG.

Nick Rowan
Editor-in-Chief of the UK published magazine, Open Central Asia, and author of "Friendly Steppes: A Silk Road Journey" that recounts his travel adventures along theSilk Road, Nick Rowan has an insatiable appetite for all things Central Asian. An Oxford University graduate, now working in the Oil industry for Shell in London, Nick spends much of his spare time exploring Central Asia, having travelled to all the countries on numerous occasions, his latest adventure spent two weeks tracking the Pamir Highway in 2011. His favourite evenings are those spent on the plains of Central Asia sitting in the warmth of a homely yurt laughing and joking with its owners over a good bowl of laghman accompanied by freshly baked lepyoshka bread.
Marat (Mark) Akhmedjanov
Born in 1976 in Jizzakh, an important Silk Road junction north east of Samarkand.
Mark is committed to promoting literature in Eurasia. He launched Silk Road Media and Hertfordshire Press to provide global audiences with new perspectives on contemporary society, art, history, landscape and peoples of the region. Mark's team organised the first Open Central Asia Book Forum in Bishkek in 2012. He is currently working on the 9th Open Eurasian Book Forum and Literary Festival. Although based in London, Mark returns frequently to Eurasia, where he has many partners, and organises events in Kazan, Moscow, Minsk, Dushanbe, Simferopol, Tashkent, Almaty, Bishkek and around the world. In a very positive way, Mark (Marat) Akhmedjanov is a mover and a shaker on the Eurasian literature, tourism and publishing scene.
Alexandra Rey
Thailand based web administrator, art director of printed version
Saniya Seilkhanova
Kazakhstan based editor assistant, advertisment manager
Contributor Guidelines

Topics – We look for articles that:

  • describe news and events related to the Central Asian ("CA") community in Europe or CA;

  • have reasoned debate on subjects directly or indirectly affecting CA or CA community;

  • provide balanced opinion that interweaves experience and new ideas;

  • give program descriptions (district, state or international);

  • promote interviews with key figures of connection with CA,

  • are articles on other topics by prior agreement with the OCA editorial team.

Articles should not advertise a specific product or service unless this has been agreed with OCA in advance. We reserve all rights with regards to our editing of articles to make them comply with these guidelines.

Press releases will not be re-printed unless they have been converted into a suitable article of interest to our readers.

Length – News Articles: 250 words; Analysis, Opinion & Reports: 1000 words maximum (unless otherwise agreed in advance).

Title – A suitable title must be provided to accompany the article. Please note we reserve the right to change this in full.

Language – English that flows well. It should be proofread by a native speaker and contain minimal errors or omissions. An article may be sent back for correction if it does not meet this criterion.

Style – Well-written and engaging. We encourage grace as well as clarity. Articles should avoid the use of the first person (unless otherwise agreed).

Format – Font should be 11- or 12-point Arial, whether in normal, bold, or italic, including endnotes. Please do not insert line breaks in the text or special spacing for formatting.

Citations – All citations should be in endnotes and not in the text.

Previous Publication – Articles for submission must be previously unpublished (unless otherwise agreed).

Biography – A small biography (maximum 100 words) and author photo (of good quality resolution) should be attached

Photography – At least 2 good quality photos would be preferred to accompany article (plus accreditation), minimum of 300 dpi

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Rights & Permission – It is the responsibility of the author to obtain permission for the use of any copyrighted material, including images, sound, and video files. The author grants OCA the rights publish and reprint some or all of the article at its sole discretion.

Payment – OCA is a not-for-profit magazine and as such we rely solely on the generosity of our contributors. OCA may, at its sole discretion, offer a 1-year complimentary subscription to regular contributors. Upon request, all published authors shall receive a complimentary copy of the magazine in which their article is published.

Disclaimer – Statements of fact and opinion in the articles in OCA magazine are those of the respective authors and contributors and not of the editors or sponsors of OCA magazine. No representation, express or implied, is made of the accuracy of the material in this journal and OCA cannot accept any legal responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions that may be made. The author should make his or her own evaluation of the accuracy and appropriateness of those materials.

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