We are currently preparing a specialedition of OCA:“200 Landmarks of Eurasia-2020”, dedicated to the best modern and historical architectural sites of Central Eurasia, inspired by Forbes.

 Including famous historical architectural structures, such as the Kremlin, Registan, the mausoleum of Ahmed Yasavi, as well as Khan Shatyr in Kazakhstan, the National Tea House “Melon” in Tajikistan, the museum complex Sulayman-Too in Kyrgyzstan, among others; you will have the chance to decide which architectural sites will be the most highly rated.  This rating will not only be compiled by readers from across the world, the best architectural objects/buildings of Central Eurasia will become recognised internationally too.

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OCA Magazine’s special edition, “OCA People”, which solely aims to celebrate, remember and disseminate the names and great achievements of those whose lives have influenced and changed the Eurasian region, and who continue to do so today, We want to showcase the very best of what the region has to offer and hope that this will bring renewed interest to the region, its people and their continued efforts to bring about a better world. Inside this issue, you will find the candid interviews of painters and poets, artists and architects, writers and musicians, among others. In these times of great division, it can be hard to remember that great diversity exists among our populations and is recognised and beneficial for our society.

So please, join OCA’s international community and read on! And if you’re not already a member of ECG, OCA Magazine urges you to join and help us build bonds of creativity and friendship across Eurasia. We hope you enjoy this special issue and congratulate those who have made the cut. No doubt the coming years will bring many more names to that list. And of course, it could be you!

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