Over the past few years, the government of Uzbekistan has undertaken comprehensive measures to reduce state presence in the economy in order to attract foreign investors and create favourable conditions for their active participation in corporate governance.

The Republic of Uzbekistan is currently of great interest to foreign investors. The investment appeal of Uzbek market comes from its access to natural resources, large size of the market, strategic location in the region, as well as a stable internal political situation and appropriate legal framework. There is a broad spectrum of legal guarantees and preferences for foreign investors and a developed system of measures to encourage foreign enterprise. The state guarantees and protects the rights of foreign investors which carry out investment activities within the Republic of Uzbekistan. Measures introduced by the Government for the improvement of the investment environment have fostered a significant increase of foreign direct investments into the country.

When foreign investors make reference to Uzbekistan and its financial system they often come across Uzpromstroybank as a gateway to Uzbekistan because every significant project that has ever been implemented in Uzbekistan was done with the participation of Uzpromstroybank. Now is the right time to benefit from unique investment opportunities with a top bank of Uzbekistan by obtaining shares of authorised capital which are now free to be released to foreign investors.

As the oldest bank in the country, with an almost 95-year history, Uzpromstroybank has been the flagship of the industry with a sustained competitive edge across all market segments providing full-service to corporate, SME and retail banking clients.

Today Uzpromstroybank is a recognised leader of the Uzbek banking sector with sound financial standing. The bank plays a significant key role in the social and economic life of the country, having secured the status of most innovative and reliable bank, which has gained international recognition.
Over its history, large corporate clients have been the pivot of Uzpromstroybank’s business. The bank serves as a major financial partner of tens of thousands of businesses in all key industries throughout the national economy – from oil and gas, chemical, energy, metallurgy and machine construction to agriculture.

The core direction of the bank’s operations is an active participation in structural reforms of the economy, implementation of projects on modernisation, technical and technological re-equipment of industry, support and financial recovery of enterprises, as well as a dynamic increase of the resource base.
The bank’s services to large corporate customers are based on industry specialisation. Uzpromstroybank pays great attention to thorough research of each economic segment, its key players, trends and requirements. This approach enables bank to enhance and optimise its terms of services, as well as to maintain a single credit, interest and fee policy.

Moreover the bank is an expert in developing SME, private sector and retail banking through its diversified strategy and policy. It’s no surprise that the bank is priority choice for SMEs across Uzbekistan meeting clients’ needs for high-quality banking services, providing maximum efficiency and individual approach. Uzpromstroybank has established value propositions and customised financial solutions which give business opportunities for revenue generation and cost reduction to small and medium enterprises.

Uzpromstroybank offers classical and modern banking services to nearly 42,000 corporate and 1.2 million retail customers through its market leading and efficient distribution platform. The bank operates over 400 points of sale, including 44 branches, 42 mini banks, 55 savings desks, 90 FX offices and 151 payment offices.
For many years Uzpromstroybank has been at the top of Uzbek banking rankings by the main financial indicators. Uzpromstroybank holds top position in loans to industry and interest income, second position in assets, equity, total income, loans and non-interest income among other banks.

As at 01.01.2016 Uzpromstroybank’s equity reached USD 351 mln, total assets USD 3 934 mln., loan portfolio USD 3 259 mln., ROAE 10.4%, Cost/Income Ratio 38.2%, net profit USD 33.8 mln.
In view of the Bank’s strong reputation as a reliable partner, letters of credit and guarantees are accepted by all leading banks of the world on account of the Bank’s limits and credit lines that exceed USD 400 mln. Uzpromstroybank continues active cooperation with world-class foreign financial institutions and leading local banks.

Uzpromstroybank’s reliability is reflected in its ratings from leading independent rating agencies. The bank has been traditionally awarded with the highest rating within the Uzbek banking sector of “uzA+” with “positive” outlook on a national scale by local rating agency Akhbor Rating. International rating agencies Fitch Ratings and Standard & Poor`s also assigned Uzpromstroybank the highest possible ratings for Uzbek banks on a par with the country ceiling.

The ratings of Uzpromstroybank consider high recognition of the brand within the country and beyond its borders, an adequate level of capitalisation, high quality of assets, a stable client and resource base, the systemic importance of the bank, as well as the significant scales of its credit and investment activities.

The Bank operates a policy of timely and full disclosure of reliable information including financial highlights, economic performance and ownership structure, thereby giving shareholders and investors the opportunity to make well-informed decisions.

Uzpromstroybank’s corporate governance system is based on the principal of full compliance with the requirements of best international practices. Uzpromstroybank has also set up an effective system of internal control of its financial and economic affairs as a means of safeguarding the rights and lawful interests of its shareholders.

Additional information can be received by contacting the Uzpromstroybank Investor Relations team
at investor.relations@uzpsb.uz
or by phone on +99871 140-79-64