Born in 1941 in the Kyrgyz Republic under the Soviet Union, Akmatov has first-hand experience of extreme political reactions to his work which deemed anti-Russian and anti-communist, resulted in censorship. Determined to fight for basic human rights in oppressed countries, he was active in the establishment of the Democratic Movement of Kyrgyzstan and through his writing, continues to highlight problems faced by other central Asian countries.

This year Kazat Akmatov would celebrate his 75th anniversary, but regretfully he passed away one year ago. But he left great heritage to be remembered.

The “Howl” is a beautifully crafted novel centered on life in rural Kyrgyzstan. The theme is universal and the contradictory emotions experienced by Kalen the shepherd must surely ring true to young men, and their parents, the world over. Here is a haunting and sensitively written story of a bitter-sweet rite of passage from boyhood to manhood. ISBN 978-0993044410

Munabiya is a tale of a family’s frustration, fury, sadness and eventual acceptance of a long term love affair between the widowed father and his mistress. In contrast, Shahidka is a multi-stranded story which focuses on the ties which bind a series of individuals to the tragic and ill-fated union between a local Russian girl and her Chechen lover, within a multi-cultural community where violence, corruption and propaganda are part of everyday life. ISBN 978-0957480759

“Arhat” caused a wide resonance at home and was awarded by a number of national and international awards as well recognized the best novel and the “National bestseller of 2007”. In the novel, it is a deal of the destiny of the Kyrgyz boy – the reincarnation of the great Tibetan Lama and poet who lived a thousand years ago… ISBN 978-1910886106

This novel is the most recent book by internationally acclaimed author and National Writer of Kyrgyzstan, to be translated into English. Based on a real incident which occurred in his country some ten years ago, it also references Akmatov’s own conflict with USSR officials, who accusing him of producing anti- Russian and anti- Communist literature, censored much of his early work at the beginning of his career. ISBN 978-0957480766