On the 2nd of September Solvi Fannar arrived in Kyrgyzstan, in the heart of Central Asia, for the Second World Nomad Games. This year athletes from 62 countries in the world came together in Cholpon-Ata, Kyrgyzstan to compete in 26 different sports. 

Solvi decided to compete himself in the Mas-Wrestling tournament. He was very impressed by the opening ceremony “I have never seen an opening ceremony like the World Nomad Games. I couldn’t believe it. The skill of the horseriders, riding their horses literally on the fire. It was incredible!”

Solvi suggested to use hashtags #GameofThrones or #TheRealGameofThrones to promote World Nomad Games in social media, saying that, “the Nomad Games are a big part of the Game of Thrones”.

All that I have known about Kyrgyzstan is bride kidnapping 

I was fascinated that such tradition still exists somewhere because Vikings in the ninth century had the same tradition too. People from Central Asia share the same nomadic spirit as Vikings do. The world is much more connected than we think it is, and DNA testing is showing it! There is something special about this region in Central Asia. I feel that the people I met there so far are very welcoming, close to nature and strong but still very open.

After attending II WNG, Sölvi Fannar visited Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan. He conducted several public lectures and a charity event for children with cancer about acting, cinema production and cinematography. 

On September 6th, the Eurasian Creative Guild (London) in collaboration with Art Studio “Muse” (Bishkek) organized a Q&A session in Sierra Coffee, where Solvi Fannar talked about his life’s philosophy, career experience, and artistic path. Filmmakers, PR specialists, artists, and students attended the meeting. 

On September 8th Bishkek School of Public Relations together with Promo Tank Research Institute (Bishkek), Art Studio “Muse” (Bishkek) and Eurasian Creative Guild (London) organized a charity event and invited Sölvi Fannar to talk about PR in cinema. With the common effort of people who came to the meeting a total sum of 5100 soms (approx.75 USD) was gathered to buy expensive equipment – the linear accelerator (LINAC) – for children with cancer.

Solvi Fannar Vidarsson is an Icelandic actor, musician, dancer, writer, poet, model, health professional, poet, multi-sport athlete, and performance artist.  Solvi has been called Renaissance Man by mass media for his various talents, Iceland’s most dangerous poet and Iceland’s Bruce Lee. He is also an agent for actor and strongman Thor/Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson (The Mountain, from Game of Thrones).