The Maria Shevel Prize was established for the first time this year. The prize is awarded to contestants in the Literature Category for works focused on children’s topic and written in any language or genre. 

Maria Shevel is a Ukrainian architect (b. May 1st 1943). After graduation she departed for Central Asia to participate in the construction of the Toktogul hydroelectric power plant in Kyrgyzstan. Afterwards, in 1965, she began working under the direction of Sharf Rashidov’s personal administration team in the development of the Hungry Steppe and the architectural layout of Dzhizak city in Uzbeksitan. She received numerous state awards for her work, such as the Hero of Social Labour, Retired Worker and the Motherhood medal.

This year the Maria Shevel Prize of $1000 was awarded to Yakutian writer, Evdokiya Erintseeva (Ogdo), for her fairy tale titled, Baby Mammoth Manik. The prize was awarded to Evdokiya by the Art Director of Hertfordshire Press, Aleksandra Vlasova. Evdokiya has dedicated her life to working with children and encouraging their creativity and works in the editor’s office for Yakutia’s children’s newspaper, Ke’skil, which is distributed across the republic.