The panel discussion for the evening was “How British Democracy Inspired the World” and was organised by Vesna Petkovic in the Parliament’s Jubilee Hall.

British democracy, as we know it today, started in 1832 with the Reform Act of Parliament and was followed by The People’s Act in 1918 which enabled women to vote for the first time. During the meeting various topics were discussed, such as how British democracy came to be a model for other nation’s around the world, women’s influence in shaping early democratic thinking and modern concepts surrounding this popular system of government.

Mr Akhmedjanov also spoke about the work of the Guild and the publishing house, Hertfordshire Press.

The panel speakers included:
Charlotte Dobson – Women Vote 100 – Parliament Community Outreach and Engagement
Monika Garbačiauskaitė-Budrienė, Chief Executive Officer of Lithuanian National Radio and Television (LRT).
Jūratė Caspersen, The Chair of the Lithuanian World Community Culture Commission.

Mrs Ahlam Akram, BASIRA (British Arabs Supporting Universal Women’s Rights)

The meeting was attended by David Pierce, an ECG board member, as well as UK member Svetlana Chevalier.

The event was organized by Vesna Petkovich, a British ECG member from the organization ProArt, who has assisted us with arranging the Guild’s first-ever meeting in British Parliament in spring 2019.”