Nurym is a mathematician, business manager, ideologue of general prosperity (through natural market / ‘Islamic’ economic system), scholar of philosophy of religion, theologian, author of scientific works, articles in the press and interviews with major media, blogger, translator.

He is an author of dozens of scientific publications on philosophy of religion, appeared in the media dozens of times (TV, press, radio, including BBC). Expert in simultaneous and written translation, incl. for Baker & McKenzie, Editor-in-Chief WSJ Canada, USAID, etc. He also has a journalist experience with: MTA Intl, CaspioNet, BBC Radio Kazakh Service (1997), translations from Businessweek.

OCA: Tell us about yourself and your activity / work?
NT: My main activities are spiritual ministry and spiritual enlightenment. I propagate something people have forgotten and are moving away from and suffering as a result. Today, one has little time to adapt to one difficulty, when another one befalls one. The peoples of the world are tired of the compounding problems, but they cannot (or are unwilling to) understand that every problem is solved when one starts with oneself, i.e. starts to thank the Creator for the life given, the way He expects from us. Exactly this way and not otherwise.

OCA: What is “Eurasianism” for you?
NT: Eurasia is the territory where the greatest ever spiritual prosperity is to take place – the 1000-year spiritual and, as its result, worldly prosperity – after the current period of severe global upheavals, the culmination of which is expected in 2021-2022.

The golden era of mankind is predicted in the Bible, the Qur’an and the traditions. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the Messiah-Mahdi and the founder of 200 million-strong Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, predicted all this in detail, coming true with 100% accuracy.

Back in 1905 (when all this seemed unthinkable), he prophesied of the WWI and the sad end of tsarism.

He also predicted rise in natural disasters, epidemics and military conflicts (including 3 World Wars), as well as an upsurge in the number of victims from all of these. Most of the survivors would admit their guilt, repent, live righteously and prosper.

Jesus, Muhammad and all previous prophets (peace be upon them all) predicted about him in depth, up to his name (Ahmad, or Paracletes in the Greek Bible) and his birthplace (Kada in India, a shortened popular name of his native village of Qadian). He belonged to the expanded Mughal dynasty and became the crown of the religious efforts of this dynasty and the greatest saintly scholar of our time.

OCA: Who are your favorite artists?
NT: All the spiritual teachers of mankind. It is the books and traditions they brought that are the most living, life-giving and most interesting sources of knowledge and satisfaction of curiosity. They cover all possible areas of knowledge. In the documents they left, other people introduced interpolations that can be calculated and eliminated purely logically. Secular scientists have already accomplished this task by 90%, too.

OCA: Have you taken part in the events of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London)?
NT: Yes, since 2013: in all Book Forums, except for one; and in all events in London.

OCA: What does the Eurasian Creative Guild mean to you, and how did it affect your creativity?
NT: ECG is a wonderful platform, it is a model of the future Eurasia, where everyone is heard. It has helped me to realize my potential further.

OCA: Do you have any personal project that you would like to talk about?
NT: In 2018, I completed the Russian translation of the greatest contemporary treatise – “Revelation, Rationality, Knowledge and Truth” and presented it at the ECG Book Forum 2018.

OCA: What projects have you participated in and in which do you plan to participate?
NT: I participated in almost all Book Forums as well as in the Academic Series: my PhD monograph on topical issues of modern Islamic studies was published by Cambridge International Press in 2018. Its title is Love for All, Hatred for None – the Raison d’Être of Ahmadi Muslims. Also, I took part in the crowdfunding project Elish and the Wicker Tale. I plan to participate in other projects like Zoom meetings starting Autumn 2020.

OCA: What would you wish the members of the Guild, just starting their career?
NT: Go for it!