Sariya Aga Mamad kyzy, graduated with honors from the institute, full-time postgraduate study. Since 1976, candidate of chemical sciences. Editor of the magazine “Society and Woman”. She is the owner of the “Golden Pen” by the Azerbaijani media, 2013.
Member of the Writers’ Union of Azerbaijan 01.16.1913
Member of the Russian Writers Union (RSP) since August 5, 2014.
Full member of the International Writers’ Union. (ISP)
Winner of the “Golden Pen of Russia” 2018
Individual member of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London), 2020.

OCA: Tell us about yourself and your activity / work?
SM: My name is Sariya Mamedova I’m a well-established writer, I am a member of the Union of Writers of the Republic of Azerbaijan; the Russian Union of Writers (RSP); the International Writers Union (COI) and the Writers’ Union of North America. In addition to being a laureate of various awards, I am a holder of ‘The Golden Pen of Russia’.

It is only now, after the passing of many years, that I am beginning to understand the meaning of life and my destiny. It is only after experiencing all the stages of cognition and picking up crumbs of wisdom, that one can reach a balance and peace of mind and spirit; in other words, attain appeasement or pacification.

How wonderful it is, to realize that your life is a success and you are happy, despite the hardships, losses, failures and burdens of fate, and that the formation of your character is almost complete. And this outcome is priceless. There are no material values that can equate the attainment of a meaningful position in life, founded on one’s ideals, ideology and principles, spiritual and inner beauty.

Belief in yourself, your abilities and capabilities, is one of the most necessary and important qualities in helping anyone find their way through life. My books are about the meaning of life; the pain, the good and evil inherent in our earthly existence, the formation of a child’s character… We all have our own destinies but not everyone has the opportunity to follow their true path. Anyone can fall but so too, can they achieve their goals, by finding the strength to rise and overcome obstacles. Life must be loved!

OCA: Do you have any personal projects that you would like to talk about?
SM: My creative practice gives me a wonderful state of mind and soul. Writing makes me feel needed and though my market is limited for now, I relish being able to communicate with people through my books and at forums, the opportunity to discuss, face to face, their misconceptions of such phrases as: “We only live once” or “Live for yourself.” These phrases are the fallacy since human beings should live with the aim of making this world a better place: kinder, nobler, purer and more morally truthful. I am happy when readers tell me: “If I had read your works earlier, my life would have turned out differently, for the better”. It was especially gratifying to hear that after reading “On Happiness,” a woman realized that she was actually happy! Imagine only being able to understand that as a result of reading a book!

OCA: What are your favourite artists?
SM: I favour any creative people who command admiration and respect through work which leaves a strong and indelible impression. Such people are both unforgettable and extraordinary, and I am grateful to have met many who became my role models.

OCA: Have you taken part in the events of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London)?
SM: I had the honour of becoming a member of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London) in February 2020 after attending a presentation on the Guild’s objectives and activities by its Vice-Chairman Marat Akhmedjanov at the Yarat Art Museum in the Republic of Azerbaijan. It soon became clear that the Guild is Akhmedjanov’s mission in life, and the pride, zeal and enthusiasm with which he described the opportunities it affords creative people, was met with great excitement and inspired prolonged discussion between everyone in the room. When someone sets such high goals and purposely marches towards their realization, it is natural that creative people will be instilled with the desire to follow and lend their support. I was personally enthralled by his enthusiasm and that, coupled with the many different opportunities offered by a wide variety of events, spurred me to join the Guild.

OCA: What projects have you participated in and in which do you plan to participate?
SM: It has been a pleasure to contribute to the almanac ‘Voices of Friends’, in addition to entering this year’s Architectural Structures competition, and I look forward to participating in other ECG projects to both inspire my practice and bring maximum value in its prosperity.

In the future, I would like to see an increased focus in festivals and forums on the younger generation, to encourage participation by senior class and university elementary level students. An exemplary project which currently identifies and supports young gifted writers from around the world, is the multi-cultural competition, ‘Your Position.’

OCA: What does the Eurasian Creative Guild mean to you, and how did it affect your creativity / activity?
SM: Art, creativity and culture belong to a universal language that can unite us all and there is nowhere better to learn this language than the Guild. I would therefore recommend anyone embarking on a creative path to join ECG. Membership will help you to chant your culture not only in your own country, but also introduce your work to people living further afield. It is not enough to garner popularity and esteem at home; in order to grow and truly succeed, you must cross borders.
OCA: What would you advise the members of the Guild, who’re just starting their career?
SM: The Guild offers the most effective means of communication through which we can learn about, exchange ideas and share our work with talented, creative people, living and working across the world.

Many people never have the chance to experience the beauty inherent in art and architecture, nor to plunge into the magical world of music, dance, poetry and literature; sublime and spiritual worlds in which we can rise above ourselves to become better and more noble beings. The direction in which society develops depends purely on how we educate our children and as creative practitioners, we all have an important role to play.