OCA Magazine: Tell us about yourself and your activity / work

Natalia Loskutova: Natalia Corshun was born in the Moscow region. She has graduated from Plekhanov Russian University of Economics and Lomonosov Moscow State University. She is a member of the Russian Union of Writers.

All her life is filled with travelling. She passed the mountains of Altai, the Urals, the Himalayas, Tibet, the Caucasus. In the course of her professional activity she was lucky to visit the great corners of Russia: Sakhalin, Taimyr, Siberia, the Urals, Altai. The beauty of the world and communication with people served as the basis and source of her creativity. A visit to China, Peru, Bahrain, Greece, Syria, India, Sri Lanka, Bhutan inspired the creation of colorful works.

The first book named «Christening» was written in Jordan in 2003. 

OCA:Have you taken part in the events of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London)?

NL: “I took part in the conferences of Eurasian Creative Guild in London in September, 2019. The visiting of London is a bright part of my life. I am very thankful to the invitation of Eurasian Creative Guild.  It goes without saying it was a good chance to meet with creative works of new writers and artists.” 

“Eurasian Creative Guild is a big deal for me. It is a realization of my interests which gives me the step up to go on and develop my creative activities. I consider that the Guild unites peoples of different countries with spiritual bonds.” 

OCA: What does the Eurasian Creative Guild mean to you, and how did it affect your creativity / activity?

NL: My pen name is Natalia Corshun. It was first pronounced by Marat Akhmedjanov at the Moscow meeting of Eurasian Creative Guild. I’d like to emphasize that a warm-hearted atmosphere prevailed on all meeting of the Guild. Every member of the Guild may gain support and a word of encouragement to make your own way in the literary world. The Guild suggests any member to have a bash at different kinds of works: poetry, prose, translation, illustration and so on. The unique character of proposed projects expressed in great possibility to combine interests and prospects. 

OCA:  Do you have any personal project that you would like to talk about?

NL: I participated in OEBF contests of works in the genre of prose, poetry and illustration. I gave it a try. 

I published my works in the collection of poems named “Нить 3”. 

Besides, I am a participant of new project in Poetry Almanac “Voices of Friends” where I published the poem “My grandfather came to Berlin”. It describes grandfather’s act of bravery in World War II. 

As a result of participation in different contests of Eurasian Creative Guild I released my own collection of Russian-English poems called “Fate has a tough hand” in May 2020. It is placed on the web-site: amazon.com . 

I reflect on the idea that the life path is not always easy, but it is necessary to find strength and energy in order to overcome all the difficulties and ups and downs of fate in this book. I hope that readers will take my book at its worth. 

I plan to publish a book for babies with cheerful illustrations. I am sure that it will be something special. 

OCA: What would you wish for the members of the  ECG,  just starting their career?

NL: I’d like to wish all members of Eurasian Creative Guild starting their writer’s career to work hard to win over the readers. The most important thing is to be honest with readers. I believe it is half the battle.