OCA Magazine: Tell us about yourself and your activity / work?

Xandra Silantyeis : I’m a writer, composer, journalist, screenwriter, director, author of psi-projects: “Pregnant Lectures”, “Hearty Podcasts”, publisher, editor, public figure, festival organizer, system psychologist, nutritionist, director of the Interlegal Public Fund and the Publishing Magisterium of the same name which publishes the Kazakhstan “Rapsod” Collection of Writers, researcher, owner of the “Tritium” music label and co-owner of “InterVision” live television, director of the 1st youth radio “StarKids.fm” and school of radio hosts and bloggers, founder of the “Writers” web community.

Currently I’m working on 4 books: the second part of my neo-roman called “Moon Gods: Through Time” (the part 1 “Earth Gods: Through Sky” is available online in large electronic book platforms + an audio book will be available from 06/01/20 on the Internet; the book has been translated into 20 languages), on fundamental “Gospel of the Writer” for all who are familiar with “Demonology. The self-instruction manual on self-instruction manuals”, the collection of “Taboo” verses. I’m also an author of a ruthless motivational marathon “PinCode” which already has an English version – “KickCode”. This is a glider, a quest game and a manual for the implementation of any project.

Apart from 4 albums that I wrote – WESTiAIRe, Music is not BORSCH, E.V.genica, La Chocolatier, which are available on iTunes, Amazon, Yandex, Beatport, Soundcloud, Google Play and Napster – there is a musical album ‘War Hymns’ in which I strive for 100 tracks. All the tracks can be downloaded or listened to along with the podcast-shows, programmes and interviews on the website of ‘Tritium’ label. 

3 solo albums are coming soon – “Mudaism”, “Blyadiada” and “Kherofobia”, and these are not abusive jargon, these are terms of the Russian language.

OCA: What is “Eurasianism” for you?

XS: Eurasianism – is a unity of many active personalities through joint projects for the benefit and development of industries.

OCA: What are your favorite artists?

XS:  Without any doubts, it’s Marat Akhmejanov, Mikhail Zemskov, Zhanna Bektimisova and other active event managers. My dream is to unite them all under the sky of my ‘great coworking city’. 

It is such a rainbow of personalities and an abundance of projects. Every time new faces and their projects add new power and ideas. The connection between countries is an amazing work of Marat and other ambassadors. And it’s impossible to express all my gratitude through words. I feel like Marat has a unique ability to be everywhere. 


When you start understanding the structure of your society and field you work in, you can see borders and opportunities. The ECG is borderless. In order to realise global projects, you need a network and like-minded people. The ECG is exactly that network. Writing ball, marathons, staging a multiformat 3D performance based on my neo-novel about the 8000th year “Earth Gods: Through the Sky”, issues of “Rhapsody”, presentations and discovering of new names – all this is coming next.


OCA: Do you have any personal projects that you would like to talk about?

XS:  I have totally crazy and global projects which require heavy investment as well as like-minded people. This includes opening a Google office in Central Asia as there is no such office so far. I have a project with a hacker space of 6000 sq.m. active area excluding land. And all this is a so-called eco-city. Instead of waiting for the future, the youth should start building it. I would also like to invest in the auction of lots by Salvador Dali in this project. And the main investment in this project of the “New Kazakhstan Creative Valley” is the new personnel that will revolutionise the industries. We have so many talented people who can bring tremendous revenues. These talented people need a foundation for development and a vector for self-realisation. I don’t want to go abroad and invest large amounts of money in an ‘empire’. I want to build an empire here! And in order to build a society we need new territories and conditions. 

I also plan to launch a national brand of clothes and perfume called “Sahara”. It’s unique feature is in well-forgotten old, but new to society fabrics and traditionality. For example, eco-fur. And this is not recycled fabrics or eco-structure. Speaking of perfume, so far there hasn’t been any world-class perfume from our country. A cosmeceutical company with a deviation from chemical hazards is also a revolution in the future. Of course such creams, mousse, soaps, champagne and body truffles have rather short shelf life, but it’s fine. Even some newborn babies now have more than 15 types of plastic in the blood. What does it mean? It’s time to move towards natural production without fanaticism, in which there would be a harmonious interaction with nature without harming it significantly. Even eco-movement can bring resources which will be sufficient for future generations. Even Mars will become closer to us because the success of niches will give us new personnel for the space industry, as said by the leader of our nation. 

OCA: What would you advise the members of the Guild who are just starting their career?

XS:  I want to wish or even encourage all creative people to define borders for their start-ups. If something doesn’t realise, it means that you target the wrong audience or use the wrong resources. I always repeat that ‘unreal – is the most real’. This is the slogan of my neo-novel. In order for unreal to become real you need an environment with personnel who have projects and who are able to create cells to implement all this.