OCA Magazine: Tell us about yourself and your creative activity

Gulzhan Kaldybaeva : After graduating from the Alma Art College, I have worked almost all of my life in the field of culture – in the leading museums of Kazakhstan. I chose to work as a restorer. It was interesting for me to study and bring various works of art back to life. In general, working as a restorer is very noble, I preserve the works of famous artists for future generations. Sometimes, in my free time, I do painting. I went to the “Plain Air”, and I gave out my works to my friends and relatives as a gift.

OCA: What style do you paint in? What influenced your style?  

GK: I draw using the style of impressionism and romanticism. These styles are very lively, and convey the play of light and shadows, emotions. Recently I have been experimenting a bit with abstraction. I love the impressionists. They made it possible to most vividly and naturally depict all the variability of the real world through the prism of the impressions and emotions of the artists. Impressionist works are filled with positive emotions, there is no place for gloom and heavy thoughts, there is only lightness, joy and beauty of every moment, sincerity of feelings and frankness of emotions.

OCA: Who are your favorite artists?

  GK:   When I was a student there were artists who had a strong influence on me such as El Greco, E. Monet, Van Gogh, P. Cezanne, O. Renoir, P. Gauguin. Now there are many good artists around the world who inspire me, including those from Kazakhstan and Central Asia. I also love classical and Russian paintings.

OCA: What is your favorite piece of art and why?

GK:  I can’t say what my favourite artwork is. However, when someone asks me such a question, I instantly imagine Van Gogh’s paintings created in Arles. His series is “Sunflowers”, “Red Vineyards in Arles”, “Starry Night”. They are very emotional, lively, deeply intimate and temperamental. His works are immortal, and his name will forever remain in the history of not only painting and world art, but also humanity.

OCA: Have you taken part in the events of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London)?

GK:   I took part in a meeting of the Guild participants with Marat Akhmedjanov at the end of 2019 in Almaty, where I was awarded a certificate of the Guild. I have not yet participated in other events of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London). I found out about the Guild through my Facebook friends, ambassador and artist Marlan Nysanbaev and joined the Guild in 2020. I met a lot of creative people, this gives me support and allows me to develop my creativity. I would like to participate in all future art projects. The next project is  “Top 25 Artists”, which will be held this year.

OCA: What is “Eurasianism” for you?

GK:  “Eurasianism” is the relationship between East and West, settling life and peace between people of different nationalities and religions, their cultural development and cooperation. Europe and Asia need dialogue for mutual understanding and respect between the peoples living in it. Consequently, the role of the Eurasian region and its influence on political processes in the world are increasing every day. The basic idea of Eurasianism is the idea of self-knowledge of culture and its development.

OCA: What would you advise for people who’re just starting their journey of creativity?

GK: To people who begin their career, I would advise working on themselves constantly, to observe, study their own self and the world around them, and not lose hope! Don’t waste precious time, don’t lose your inner strength.

OCA: How do you generally feel about art in the countries of Eurasia?

GK:  Art in Eurasian countries is united by one common desire: to bring together such a diverse modern world with true beauty and creativity that knows no boundaries. This is an example of cultural diplomacy that exists in order to create mutual trust between countries and people. Artists, writers, musicians, poets realize that this is art without borders.