NEW UZBEKISTAN SEEKS CONSTITUTIONAL REFORMS     On May 20, 2022 the Constitutional Commission was established to develop proposals for constitutional amendments as part of a “New Uzbekistan” image refit. This Constitutional Commission is comprised of deputies and senators from all regions, representatives from various social strata, civil society institutions, leading lawyers, political scientists, and other […]

Uzbekistan Pledges Economic Development as a Priority

After broad public discussions, Uzbekistan has adopted its five-year Development Strategy for 2022-2026. It consists of seven priority directions and one hundred goals Uzbekistan is willing to achieve within five years. This strategic document will serve Uzbekistan as a baseline for further reforms in all spheres. The Strategy foresees the implementation of various measures that […]

Sovereign Parametric Catastrophe Bonds as means to address the protection gap in emerging countries

Summary Of the $232bn. of economic losses from natural disasters in 2019, only $71bn. was insured. 35% level of catastrophe risk coverage in advanced countries downsizes to only 6% in emerging economies. Out of existing disaster risk finance arrangements, the Sovereign Parametric Catastrophe Bonds seem to be the most viable instrument for the ECIS region. […]