The role of a human’s life is central in the purest religion of Islam. God created male and female in the finest manner whether to their physical, moral or spiritual qualities (At-Tin 95 / 4-5). Human as the most wonderful creation of the Almighty is the vicegerent of Allah on the Earth (Al-Baqarah 2/30, al-Fatyr 35/39). Everything in the heavens and on the Earth are in favour of the human (Luqman 31/20, al-Jassem 45/13) – the descent of Adam, which was honoured to be placed on the pedestal by the Creator (Al-Isra 17/70).

All human beings have great value to God and, therefore, the religion of God, regardless of their race or faith. When building your life or changing it for the better you should always remember that each of us is sublime and unique in the eyes of Lord. Hence, all the canons of Islam were established by Almighty God for humans not to forget their true path and live their lives in happiness, comfort and safety, while preparing for eternal life.

For this reason, Islam forbids encroaching on the rights, life, property, mind and religion of a human, considering it a crime. The Quran says: “On that account: We ordained for the Children of Israel that if anyone slew a person – unless it be in retaliation for murder or for spreading mischief in the land – it would be as if he slew all mankind: and if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all humanity” (Al-Ma’idah 5/32). In the last preaching, which was sent to all mankind during the last Hajj of Allah’s Messenger (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam), he declared that all people, being the descendants of Adam (aleyhis-salaam), are brothers and announced the inviolability of their property, life, honoor and that every person is protected from any kind of attempt on his life (Sahih al-Bukhari, al-Mukhtasar Tajwid Sarih, IL / 76; X / 401-404).

It is worth noting, that pro-Western media, while inculcating their ideology, created a certain stereotype, where the holy terms of our religion became far from the true religious meaning. For instance, a purely spiritual and moral religious term “Jihad” is presented by the media to the whole of mankind in the colours of bloody terrorism, creating scenarios by the hands of pseudo Muslims that stand at the head of Muslim ignoramuses. In addition, unfortunately, even practicing Muslims of today consider “Jihad” is synonymous with the bloody terrorism. Lack of education and inexperience in the field of Shariah provided enough space in the minds of Muslim people for the successful realisation and assimilation of pro-Western ideology.

As a result, “terrorism” generated by the basest qualities of non-believers, suddenly becomes the same meaning with “Holly Jihad” for some of the amateur Muslims. “Jihad” is holy, without a doubt, because Jihad is the establishment of the Most High Allah, which should be understood only through the prism of Sharia and talked about rejecting all the non-religious stereotypes. It should be considered only in the light of Muslim, not the pro-Western interpretation. There can be no shade of the terrorism in Jihad as the root of the latter has no religious character. And identifying terrorism with Jihad is logically impossible. To understand the above, it is necessary to draw parallels between these two terms, and to answer the following questions: What is actually the jihad? What is terrorism? And finally: What should be the attitude of a true believer of Allah’s servant to the ‘Western Jihad’, which is actually called “Terrorism”?.


The word jihad is translated as effort; application of force; the use of all opportunities and making every effort to achieve the desired result or purpose. And in Sharia law this word has the following definition: “Jihad is to learn and teach others the commandments and prohibitions of religion, to build a life in accordance with the Sharia, to work in the command of good and prohibition of evil, to try to convey Islam, as well as to fight against his nafs (basest human qualities such as envy, laziness, lying, pride, arrogance, etc.) and the enemy from outside.” In the Holy Quran the word jihad means gaining Allah’s benevolence (al-Furqan 25/52), being able to sacrifice your property and soul on the path to Allah (al-Hujurat 49/15), the battle and the war (al-Baqarah 2/41). However, to a large extent the word “Kitale” (murder), not jihad, is used for the expression of the war or the battle in the Quran.

After reviewing all the ayahs and the hadiths regarding this issue, one can easily understand that jihad is the battle not only against the enemies of Islam, but also expresses the struggle of a person between eradicating all kinds of evil and spreading goodness throughout his life. And the hadith: “The true Mujahid (fighting man) is one who struggles with himself (against their base desires)” (Musnad Imam Ahmad, 6/20 clearly states that). Therefore, in the broad sense jihad should be understood as fulfillment of the Allah’s decrees, putting into practice slavery to Him. In that way one should counteract the forbidden desires of the ego and fight against Shaitan, while practicing the universal principles established by Allah and His Messenger during the whole life. And through representing the Ummah one should convey these concepts and Islam in general to our society. This is the term that integrates all the tools, which save the Muslims from all sorts of dangers and various unjust attacks. It unites the actions of heart, tongue and hand of a man, which are expressed through different instruments, such as voice, books, virtue, ethics, aesthetics, and (only in the last instance) the battle. Briefly, jihad is a kind of a Muslim model explaining human behaviour, which is initially far from the model presented today by ISIS and other similar pseudo-religious organizations, including all of those who follow them.

In Islam, war is evil because it destroys society and human life. As already noted, a human is always sublime in the eyes of the religion. According to the religion, war is only permitted for the defence against the enemy attacks. It is only permitted to protect the right to freedom of religion and freedom of man. In Sharia doctrine the war is used not for harassment and violence, but for the protection of human rights and freedoms. Thus, the war is not a dogma or tenet, it is a necessity of the last resort, which should not go beyond the permitted area of use. Moreover, most of scientists unanimously state that a Muslim can participate in a battle or in a military operation only in case when the non-Muslims declared war against Islam and Muslims and only when the enemy attack was made. This implies that no one should die for the disbelief and contradiction to Islam, just as it is impossible to declare war against those who fight against Muslims.

All Western and pro-Western sources claim that Islam has an aggressive character. Orientalists also claim that the Quran gives priority to the war against non-Muslims until the whole world accepts Islam. The truth is that Islam prohibits war except for the purpose of protection, and there is no compulsion in Islam. In other words, no Muslim has the holy right from the name of the religion to force somebody to accept Islam. Even during the battle, it is prohibited to kill children, the elderly, the blind, the disabled, priests, worshipers in churches and synagogues. It is prohibited to cut down trees, to destroy the fields, to crop and to kill animals (al-Zaylai, Tabin al-Hakaik, VI / 104; Ibn Nudzhaym al -Bahr al-RAIK, V / 84). So, who will remain after all that? Only those who took the weapon, sending it against you, and you have no choice but to defend yourself. During one of the battles, the Messenger of Allah (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) saw the dead woman and said, “After all, this woman did not participate in the battle,” and commanded Khalid ibn Walid radyyallahu anhu not to touch women and children (Ibn Majah, Jihad 30; Ibn Hisham, as- Syrah, IV / 100).

After all that we have said, I think it would be appropriate to raise the topic of terrorism and how it is related to our peaceful religion Islam.


There are more than one hundred definitions of terrorism. Any of those definitions always involves cruelty, violence and intimidation. And in particular, it is used for achieving political goals, when all kinds of cruelty, violence and intimidation are directed against ordinary citizens. Speaking about the word’s meaning, one can state that “a terrorist cannot be a Muslim, a Muslim can not be a terrorist.” Since ancient times, abuse and violence found their place among people. And as for today we have terrorism, so the roots of the past appear in a different way and scale. In fact, cruelty and violence were never approved among the peoples of the world, however still we haven’t managed to get rid of this social disease.

All religions, including Islam in particular, forbid terrorism. The principles of Islam are based on peace, integration and tolerance. While promoting unity and respect, love and brotherhood, it strictly prohibits cruelty, crime and violence. In particular, it never allowed bringing any kind of terrorist movements to life, property, the mind and the religion of innocent people, elders, women and children, taking away the soul given by Almighty Allah. Islam forbids such barbarity and violence in any form and by any name. Terrorism has no race, nationality, religion, and especially God.

The Messenger of Allah (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) forbade people to cause harm and to oppress them. He taught us to show mercy, saying: “Over those who did not have mercy on the people, and Allah does not have mercy” (al-Taj, V / 17). In other hadiths He (sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam) taught us to show mercy, not only to people but to all living beings on earth. Stressing that the achievement of Allah Mercy is at our mercy to all the inhabitants of our planet (al-Taj, V / 17).

Islam is the religion of peace and kindness, which prohibits followers from playing with the honour and dignity of a person, to offend his personality, to mock him, to look down upon him, to swear at him, to gossip about him, to make psychological pressure on him and to be cruel with him. Islam does not allow and, moreover, does not cause terrorism, cruelty or violence. Islam prohibits the infliction of any physical abuse to a human, to torture, to stir him and, finally, to take away his life.

Therefore it is impossible to link the holy term “Jihad”, being a true slave to Allah, the fight on the way against your own base desires and Shaitan, the implementation of the universal life principles in the life of the individual and society, the spread of Islam through ethics and aesthetics, the protection of Muslims and the whole country from all kinds of threats and attacks against terrorism, which aims to shed innocent blood, and the violation of the social values through cultivation of fear, violence and cruelty for political and self-serving purposes. On the contrary, the true holy “Jihad” can treat society from this curse by God and the angels “terrorism.”

The Imam of the Abdul Kerim Satuq
Bogra Khan Mosque,
Honoured member of the International Association
“Generals of the World for Peace”
YUSUPOV Farhad Ilahunovich