Freedom of belief

At present, representatives of 130 ethnic groups and 18 religious denominations live in Kazakhstan, among them – Muslims, Orthodox, Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Buddhists. Throughout the country, many mosques and temples are operating and being built, which are actively visited by believers. Religious freedoms in the Republic of Kazakhstan are guaranteed by Article 14 of the […]

Iran on the Horizon: Future Prospects for Central Asian Rapprochement

Iran on the Horizon: Future Prospects for Central Asian Rapprochement In recent years, China has propelled itself to the position of Central Asia’s leading external partner – in the process, investing previously unthinkable sums of money in the region and expanding its political and economic influence. However, Iran, whilst currently unable to compete with China […]


www.ocamagazine #35 summer 2020 text by Tara Pandeya Dance is an integral part of life in Central Asia; it can be seen both in rural settings and on the proscenium stage, from highly developed virtuosic classical styles to nuanced and subtle folk-dance forms. Western audiences might be surprised to learn that Central Asia has an […]

Three Central Asia Travel Highlights

Often overlooked by your classic holiday maker, Central Asia has always exercised a powerful fascination over a certain kind of traveler. Home to some of the most ancient cultures and breathtaking landscapes on earth, it is nevertheless only lightly trodden by wanderers and merchants. But traffic on the silk road is once again picking up. […]