Freedom of belief

At present, representatives of 130 ethnic groups and 18 religious denominations live in Kazakhstan, among them – Muslims, Orthodox, Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Buddhists. Throughout the country, many mosques and temples are operating and being built, which are actively visited by believers. Religious freedoms in the Republic of Kazakhstan are guaranteed by Article 14 of the […]

At Historic Crossroads

It is going to be exactly 30 years since the state entity called the USSR disappeared from the map of the world. What is interesting about that date? Because there were many historic turning points in this arena that could have thrown a vast area of 22.4 million square kilometers into chaos and affected the […]

Commitment to international principles

Commitment to international principles The situation in Afghanistan was a real test of the international community’s commitment to democratic values and principles of mutual assistance. One of the first Central Asian states to pass the test was Kazakhstan, which promptly responded to the UN appeal and hosted missions by the international organisation. As the military […]

A Focus on Agricultural Research Development Interview: Yespolov Tlektes

Yespolov Tlektes is the Vice President and Academic at the National Academy of Sciences in the Republic of Kazakhstan. He is also the Chairman of the Board-Rector of the Kazakh National Agrarian Research University. He is also an academic of the Russian Agricultural Academy, the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine. His scientific work […]


Michael Daniel is a British independent researcher, composer and filmmaker with Baltic & Slavic roots. He created an intergenerational memory project “Józefa’s Letters” that’s been widely exhibited throughout the Eurasian space. In 2019, he made and co-scored the documentary short film “Józefa’s Letters” which has received 9 official film festival selections. Visit: OCA: Tell […]