Following the global pandemic, alternative accommodation projects have become increasingly popular in Central Asia, with a variety of unique accommodation options now available in some of the most pristine locations. Visitors can now enjoy the comfort of staying in yurts, dome houses, and even 5-star international hotels.

It is not to suggest that these amenities did not exist before, but heightened competition has compelled all ‘alternative’ hoteliers to enhance the quality of their services and compete with traditional hotels. Consequently, certain alternative accommodation projects have incorporated features such as a shower cubicle, a washbasin with a mirror, a toilet, a dressing room, a bedside table, a tea set, and other attributes commonly found in 3-4 star hotel rooms into their facilities.

Limited resources necessitate this trend in the development of tourism. Alternative accommodations are increasingly offering organic and sustainable tourism formats to fulfil the traveller’s dream of being as close to nature and attractions as possible. Today, many travellers seek breathtaking views from their hotel room windows.
Such formats include eco-trails, hiking, and national masterclasses. However, tourism also offers new experiences and skills, which are the primary benefits of travelling today.

During the recent 25th Session of UNWTO, a new trend in sustainable tourism development was identified and supported by the organisation’s leadership. This trend is the ‘As a Nomad’ project – a network of yurt glamping sites (camping with all amenities) along the Silk Road. The project aims to establish a contemporary and authentic tourism infrastructure along the Great Silk Road while developing sustainable and responsible tourism products. Currently, the network comprises seven glamping sites in Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Russia.

‘As a Nomad’ is a collection of luxury yurt glamping venues situated in the most popular tourist destinations of these countries, preserving the heritage of the Great Silk Road. The network operates under a single brand, management, and service standard.