Burabay’s Environmental Problems

Burabay’s Environmental Problems At the end of the nineteenth century, the economic development of Burabay and the increase of its population inevitably led to unlimited exploitation of its natural resources. Excessive deforestation led to the formation of wastelands, which were used by pastoralists for grazing. These cattle were then supplied to the local cannery, which […]

Lessons of the Hot Days of ‘Kazakh Winter’ for Central Asian Integration

Lessons of the Hot Days of ‘Kazakh Winter’ for Central Asian Integration Disturbances in first half of January 2022 caused by popular unrest in Kazakhstan can be remembered as the ‘Kazakh winter’ – events which shocked the very foundation of the political system of this state. They revealed a deeply rooted vicious regime of diarchy […]


INTERWIEW WITH LIDIYA DROZDOVA OCA Magazine: Tell us, please, about yourself and your creative activity.Lidiya Drozdova: I live in Kazakhstan. I create from the beauty around me and give the happiness of creativity to everyone who wants to learn how to paint. I am the worker of Kazakh art, member of the Kazakhstan Designers Union, […]

Three Central Asia Travel Highlights

Often overlooked by your classic holiday maker, Central Asia has always exercised a powerful fascination over a certain kind of traveler. Home to some of the most ancient cultures and breathtaking landscapes on earth, it is nevertheless only lightly trodden by wanderers and merchants. But traffic on the silk road is once again picking up. […]