OCA #49 People edition Interview with LIUDMILA LARKINA

OCA #49 People edition Interview with LIUDMILA LARKINA EACH PERSON FOR ME IS NOT A WRITTEN BOOK OCA Magazine: Please tell us about yourself and your creative workLiudmila Larkina: I am writing about the fate of Russian-speaking emigrants living in Australia. In Australia, there is a most valuable layer of Russian history, completely unexplored, covered […]

Review: Raisa – What Hurts My Heart

So much of the detail and truth of what the Soviet Union was is absent from discourse in the West and in the FSU countries. There are many reasons for this but first and foremost is the sheer weight of the political, military, economic, technological and sporting history in relation to the wider world and […]


BIOGRAPHY: Kazat Akmatov is a well-known people’s writer of Kyrgyzstan. He is the author of such wonderful works as “Arhat”, “Munabiya”, “Howl”, “13 steps of Erica Claus”, “Shahidka”, “Sacred Hearth”, etc. The works of K. Akmatov have been translated into dozens of languages and included in the study programme in many countries. They have also […]

Meeting of two twins cities: Stevenage and Shymkent Online book presentation “City Blooming for 2200 Years”

This year marks 30 years since the establishment of twinning relations between the cities of Shymkent and Stevenage. As part of the strengthening of educational and cultural relationships, as well as the development of bilateral cooperation between cities, at the initiative of the publishing house “Hertfordshire Press” the book  “City Blooming for 2200 Years” was […]

Ernst Theodor Wilhelm Hoffmann: Artist, Composer, Writer

A creator of the Nutcracker. An adult fairy tale’s author. The development of the Romanticism in Russian literature (1800-1820) is inextricably linked with the disenchantment in rational basis of the Enlightenment and the search for idealism, to make the world a better place, which is reflected in the works of two European authors: Walter Scott […]