Neo. Johnny Mnemonic. Ted. John Wick. Do these names ring a bell? All these characters were portrayed by one man, wonderful, spectacular man, Keanu Reeves. Both sincere and enigmatic, he breeds speculation, all kinds of a tales and fictitious stories were written about him, so in order to shed some light on the truth about him, we have decided that the goal of our book would be to separate the wheat from the chaff, tell the true story about his life and endeavors. And the reason we chose to write a book about him is plainly obvious – he deserves to be written about. Sure, there may be a multitude of articles about him, his play and his way of life, but we are first in publishing a comprehensive biography of his life to this day. The purpose of the book is to show relevant information about Keanu since we know that there is a lot of contradictions about him in the Internet.

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The year 2019 was very successful for my coauthor, Arkadiy Novikov and I; we have published our first book, “Mr. Keanu Reeves. The unfinished portrait. Part 1”, as the success story of a free person living his own spiritual life, without regard to generally accepted stereotypes and patterns. It was very important to include two parallel lines to the book; along with the well-recognized filmography and biography facts, it contains the view on actor’s spiritual vision. Laid a roadmap for future books (yes, there will be more, so hold your breath), not only as a tribute to Keanu and his work, his childhood and youth but as a token of our appreciation for his position in life.

In order to gather information we reviewed cult movies of Keanu’s, and contemplated about his unique ancestry, cultural and ethnic background. Our initial intent was to show the true intentions of Keanu, his values and belief, to tell the story of his success, not because he is such a lucky guy, but rather, due to his hard work and the power to retain optimism instead of all his failures. For three years we have been gathering information, and investigated over two hundred sources. 

As we were writing the book, many routes and different ideas of the plot were developed, exploited, rejected and accepted, as is customary for all writers. In the end we decided that there will be two parallel lines – physical and spiritual. Sure, there were some setbacks writing the book, we eventually overcame it, and gotten stronger in the process. Working with the most talented writer, my coauthor Arkadiy was a blast and I greatly enjoyed it, and his creativity and hard work carried us through the whole process of writing this book.

In addition, it would be wrong not to mention a wonderful American painter, Russell Powell whose painting is on the book cover. He has a unique method of creating pieces of art. It is called ‘hand stamping’. At first, Russell paints a picture on his hand, and then transfers it onto canvas. 

In November 2019, I was invited to participate in the eighth Open Eurasian Literary Festival and Book Forum (OEBF 2019), held in Brussels (Belgium), where I was honored by allowing me to hold a press conference. And what a wonderful experience that was. Among the participants of the conference, I met many wonderful talented people, they inspired me, they bolstered my resolve to write more. For me, this conference was the first of many to come in the same way as our first book is just the first of many to be published. This is a first step to a great many things to come, even as you read these words, a new book is being published this very moment, so be sure to check it out! Moreover, additional books are being written and the schedule of their edition and printing is already set.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Eurasian Creative Guild (London) for their kindness, professionalism and compassion. Without their help,we would have had much more trouble in achieving my goals, as their guidance aided us in the process of finding good publishing house, setting straight logistics lines to market, etc.

Our fascination with Keanu’s life is long-term; there is no doubt about it. He is a wonderful, breathtaking man, and it is truly an honor to write about him. We have a goal of making this world a better place, through our work, our publications and our agenda, so we intend to write for as long, as Keanu has the will to act and, since he is an immortal (wink wink), we will write for ever!

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