THE CREATIVE INDUSTRIES AS A NEWDRIVING FORCE FOR THE CONOMICDEVELOPMENT OF KAZAKHSTAN We use the products of the creative industries every day: for example, when we look at social media, watch films, listen to music, walk around town or go shopping. The creative economy sector includes art, design, fashion, animation, computer game development, architecture and […]


EURASIAN CREATIVE GUILD (LONDON)AUTUMN FESTIVALS From 25-30 September 2023, the resort of Burabay (Kazakhstan) hosted four ground-breaking events: Poetry & Art Festival III Voices of Friends: Poetry & Art, Literary Festival XII Open Eurasian Literary Festival and Book Forum, Burabay Social Film Festival (II BISFF) and Discovery Travel Forum dedicated to creative industries in tourism. […]


IMPROVING EDUCATIONAL NEEDS FOR AUTISM IN KAZAKHSTAN The number of identified cases of autism in children in Kazakhstan has increased fivefold over the past 7 years. In the Republic of Kazakhstan according to information of the Ministry of Education (until June, 2022 of the Ministry of Education and Science) there are more than 8,000 children […]

OCA #49 People edition Interview with MUKHAMEJAN ZEINELKHAN

OCA #49 People edition Interview with MUKHAMEJAN ZEINELKHAN TRADITIONAL KAZAKH EMBROIDERY “KESTE” AT THE INTERNATIONAL LEVEL OCA Magazine: Tell us, please, about yourself and your creative activity / workMukhamejan Zeinelkhan: I’m Mukhamejan Zeinelkhan, an artist. Born in Batam-Ulgiy region, Mongolia. Before school , l grew up in the countryside with my parents. I graduated from […]


CONCEPT OF HUMANITY’S SURVIVAL STRATEGY IN THE THIRD MILLENNIUM Professors O.Sabden and A.Ashirov have as part of their ‘Concept of Humanity’s Survival Strategy in the Third Millennium’ developed a concept for building a new integral innovative society with a spiritual and technological component. In order to implement the proposed theory, a new paradigm of managing […]

On the UN Day of Nuclear Disarmament Assessing the Impact of January 2022 Unrest on Kazakhstan’s Economy, Politics and Social Order.

On the UN Day of Nuclear Disarmament Assessing the Impact of January 2022 Unrest on Kazakhstan’s Economy, Politics and Social Order. In January 2022, Kazakhstan experienced a wave of protests and unrest that reverberated throughout the country. This significant event had far-reaching consequences, impacting the economy, politics and social order of Kazakhstan. This article aims […]


CAN PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIPS SOLVE CENTRAL ASIA’S CHALLENGES? Creating Water Purification Systems for Disaster Response: A Case Study National, state and local governments frequently face complex problems that require cost effective and efficient solutions that are often constrained by both time and fiscal pressures. Government best practices developed and implemented in the US Federal government can […]


THE ROAD TO BOROVOE For people that live in the beginning of the third millennium, it’s hard to believe that a hundred years ago trips to Borovoe were not so easy and challenging for our ancestors. Now, almost everyone has his own car, there are intercity bus and train services all over Kazakhstan, and finally […]

The Kazakh Spring

The Kazakh Spring. As I am being driven along the highway from Almaty towards Taldykorgan, the billboard posters have been changed from the usual images of pop stars, safety information and Casinos to an array of big yellow ticks, the number 19 and lots of smiling citizens. Some are in groups representing political parties and […]


By the middle of the 19th century, the military-Cossack colonisation of the Steppe continued with less stress and risk. In 1849, not far from the Kokchetav mountains, the village of Koturkolskaya village was founded, and a year later its settlement Shchuchinsky arose. Twenty years later, 22 kilometres north of the village of Shchuchinskaya, on the […]

Economic developments in Kazakhstan

As the world’s economic woes are broadcast across the media and governments and, financial institutions battle the potential recessions some developing nations are seemingly faring better. The Covid pandemic and war in the Ukraine have, undoubtedly, been the cause of many worldwide issues but how are some countries and regions more able to weather the […]

 New Book Seeks to Help Fight Against Coming World Hunger…and Help Solve Other Critical Issues

New Book Seeks to Help Fight Against Coming World Hunger…and Help Solve Other Critical Issues Together with the editors of Hertfordshire Press (Great Britain), the rector of KazNARU, Tlektes Yespolov, has published a new book, “The Kazakh Model for a research University”, dedicated to the research of the university. This invaluable experience can help the […]

A Master Comic Visits Schuchinsk

A Master Comic Visits Schuchinsk For the first time, school children and students of the Burabay district had the opportunity to take part in master classes on the creation of comic books from Daniel Akhmed – the young author of British publishing house, Hertfordshire Press. Daniel, the young author of “The Final” graphic novel, made […]

Greening Cities Through Green Campuses

Greening Cities Through Green Campuses Over the past few years, the themes of sustainable development and the challenges related to climate change are rapidly moving from the pages of academic journals and academic conferences to the front pages of popular newspapers, TV talk shows, and social media. Even everyday discussions of ordinary citizens often go […]

A ‘Stan’ No More? – Should Kazakhstan Change its Name?

A ‘Stan’ No More? – Should Kazakhstan Change its Name? In recent months, in a bid to rebrand and distance itself from its often turbulent neighbours, the perennial question of whether Kazakhstan should change its name has raised its head once more. First mooted by Nursultan Nazarbayev back in February 2014, the former president argued […]

Burabay’s Environmental Problems

Burabay’s Environmental Problems At the end of the nineteenth century, the economic development of Burabay and the increase of its population inevitably led to unlimited exploitation of its natural resources. Excessive deforestation led to the formation of wastelands, which were used by pastoralists for grazing. These cattle were then supplied to the local cannery, which […]

The Alphabet Shift in Kazakh Language

The Alphabet Shift in Kazakh Language Over years of research and work in Kazakhstan, I have seen many Latin representations of the Kazakh alphabet. Some were pockmarked with apostrophes – others riddled with diacritics. Others still imposed Latin letters incorrectly on the Russian language, creating the following image (from the mobile application of, a […]

Lessons of the Hot Days of ‘Kazakh Winter’ for Central Asian Integration

Lessons of the Hot Days of ‘Kazakh Winter’ for Central Asian Integration Disturbances in first half of January 2022 caused by popular unrest in Kazakhstan can be remembered as the ‘Kazakh winter’ – events which shocked the very foundation of the political system of this state. They revealed a deeply rooted vicious regime of diarchy […]

At Historic Crossroads

It is going to be exactly 30 years since the state entity called the USSR disappeared from the map of the world. What is interesting about that date? Because there were many historic turning points in this arena that could have thrown a vast area of 22.4 million square kilometers into chaos and affected the […]

The annual Kazakhstan Forum of Photographers was held in Nur-Sultan

From 11 to 13 October, the capital of Kazakhstan hosted an annual forum of photographers, which was attended by almost 50 photographers from the CIS countries. Photography is one of the most exciting professions in the world. Today, the direction of photography has increased just like photographers themselves, for whom there are very few schools […]

Commitment to international principles

Commitment to international principles The situation in Afghanistan was a real test of the international community’s commitment to democratic values and principles of mutual assistance. One of the first Central Asian states to pass the test was Kazakhstan, which promptly responded to the UN appeal and hosted missions by the international organisation. As the military […]


YERLAN SYDYKOVCHANCELLOR OF THE EURASIAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITYCHAIRMAN OF THE COUNCIL OF RECTORS OF UNIVERSITIES OF KAZAKHSTAN This year, The Eurasian National University (ENU), named after L.N. Gumilyov, will reach over a quarter of a century in age, during which time, its consistent successes across all areas of the educational space, has seen the institution comfortably […]


From March 2020 and throughout the whole year, the Business Information, Social and Marketing Research Center “BISAM – Central Asia” had been monitoring public sentiments and social situation by tracking changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The information was collected within the framework of international surveys by Gallup International, whose representative in Kazakhstan is BISAM […]

“101 zážitkov z Kazachstanu”,a new book about Kazakhstan in Slovak

Hertfordshire Press, a leading British publishing house, in cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the Slovak Republic and the national company Kazakh Tourism, published one of the first books about Kazakhstan in the Slovak language called “101 zážitkov z Kazachstanu” (101 experiences from Kazakhstan). “101 zážitkov z Kazachstanu” is a vivid […]

Forging Ahead Despite the Headwinds

Interview: Erlan Idrissov Ambassador of Kazakhstan to the United Kingdom AlthoughKazakhstan’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom, H.E. Erlan Idrissov, came from a creative and academic background (his father was a renowned Kazakh journalist, writer, and academic), he chose a very different career path. His father instilled in him the belief in the power of words, […]

A Focus on Agricultural Research Development Interview: Yespolov Tlektes

Yespolov Tlektes is the Vice President and Academic at the National Academy of Sciences in the Republic of Kazakhstan. He is also the Chairman of the Board-Rector of the Kazakh National Agrarian Research University. He is also an academic of the Russian Agricultural Academy, the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine. His scientific work […]


Elvira Svetlova was born in Russia. She graduated from Pedagogical University. After moving to Almaty, Elvira’s articles were published in many media sources. She also wrote several books. She received the title of Doctor of Creative Sciences and Teachings of the Moscow Academy of Sciences. OCA: Tell us about yourself and your creative activity/work ES: […]

From Disney to Almaty. Interview with Max Howard

Max Howard is a famous Disney producer, who has produced numerous bestsellers such as “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”, “Saving Santa’, “The Little Mermaid”, “Aladdin”, “Beauty and the Beast”, and “The Lion King”. He recently visited Kazakhstan for the “Almaty film festival” and gave a series of master classes. OCA therefore took the opportunity to speak […]


Business coach and owner of the “Elena Bezrukova Center” aimed at training and consulting,she is also practicing psychology. Her work experience over 26 years. More than 5000 specialists have been trained by her programm and now they successfully apply learned knowledge. Education: pedagogical, economic, psychological. Elena Bezrukova has Kazakh and international certificates for conducting training […]

Projective graphics through the eyes of an art critic

“Imagination is more important than knowledge,” — those words of Einstein might describe Yelena Bezrukova’s approach to art. She herself confesses that she has no professional training in art – she is entirely self-taught. But this has not been an obstacle to her pioneering the concept of projective graphics!  But then the whole idea of […]

Svetlana Yudina: “Everything begins with itself”

Today, expensive accessories made of precious metals and stones are replaced by accessories made from natural materials in ethnic style. The new trend opened new names for the world – young and talented masters. Handicraftsman from Central Asia, whose culture and history serve them as an inexhaustible source of inspiration, have succeeded in creating unusual […]