The Shakespeare of the Turkic World

130th anniversary of the outstanding Azerbaijani dramatist, Huseyn Javid “Damn all life, all the Universe,  if all the glorious world wars,  bloody battles won’t generate love in the end, universal love” Huseyn Javid, Extract from the play “Amir Timur” Biography The outstanding poet and playwright, Huseyn Javid, was born in 1882 in the ancient Azerbaijani […]

The Alphabet Shift in Kazakh Language

The Alphabet Shift in Kazakh Language Over years of research and work in Kazakhstan, I have seen many Latin representations of the Kazakh alphabet. Some were pockmarked with apostrophes – others riddled with diacritics. Others still imposed Latin letters incorrectly on the Russian language, creating the following image (from the mobile application of, a […]