Today, expensive accessories made of precious metals and stones are replaced by accessories made from natural materials in ethnic style. The new trend opened new names for the world – young and talented masters. Handicraftsman from Central Asia, whose culture and history serve them as an inexhaustible source of inspiration, have succeeded in creating unusual ornaments in the national style. The opening for the British public was the ethnic designer from Kazakhstan Svetlana Yudina, who presented the line of accessories “LkM” in the capitals of Great Britain and Sweden. Svetlana Yudina was awarded with the diploma Best Ethnographic Accessories of the year at the VI OEBF festival in Stockholm. Svetlana Yudina is not only an ethnic designer, she is also an experienced psychologist and a talented writer, the author of the book “How to love yourself?”. This talented Kazakhstani woman told in an interview with OCA how in her life came creativity that inspired her to start writing and shared plans for the future.

At the end of November this year Svetlana Yudina was elected a member of the Advisory Council of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London).

OCA: Svetlana, tell us a little about yourself, what did you do before you began to write?

My Motherland is a small Kazakh village of Karatuma, East Kazakhstan region. My father worked in the agrarian sector for a long time and is an experienced expert in this field, my mother built a career as a deserved teacher of history and geography of Kazakhstan. My parents were an example to me in everything and thanks to them, I became a certified specialist, manager (head of the consulting company “International Master Class”) and a psychologist. Ten years of my life I devoted to improving my professional skills and for the last three years I have been training, individual master classes and teaching people the secrets of success (not only in professional but also in personal life), so I created the company “Yudin’s Sisters Development Center “Drevo Jizni” (Tree of life), I also mastered the ethnic designer profession and am the owner of the” Love to Mother “brand workshop for making accessories in the Kazakh national ethnic style.

OCA: Tell us how you came to write your first book? What prompted you?

Daily work with people who can not break out of the trap of persistent problems and are looking for their own Way in life, but do not know where to start, I got the idea, write an autobiographical book of life recommendations of immersion in myself and show by my own example how I managed to overcome everything in these difficulties. I wrote this book in ten evenings, being able to concentrate and putting my whole soul into it.

OCA: What is your book about? For whom is it written?

The title of the book speaks for itself and it was written for a wide range of readers. Moreover, since I am a patron of art and constantly support not only public associations of disabled people, orphanages, but also often work with students and youth in support of the programs of the Head of our State N.Nazarbayev “A look into the future: the modernization of public consciousness” I wanted to create a tool in PocketBook format not more than 100 pages, using which, everyone can turn on the mechanism of transformation of themselves and their life.

OCA: Was it difficult to write? Tell us about your first experience?

Of course, it was difficult to write, because I did not have previous experience, because this is my first literary project. Perhaps many will find this book imperfect, will find misprints, technical mistakes, although the presence of all this, only confirmation of the authenticity of my work and the lack of plagiarism. I wanted to convey the author’s emotions and help those people who lost themselves. And if it helps at least one person get out of difficulties by a winner, then it means that my work was not in vain.

OCA: Should we expect a new book for readers? What will it be about and when will it be published?

In 2018 I plan to release the second edition of my book “How to love yourself?” and expand the chapters, adding them to the tools of my three-year work in psychology, coaching and individual master classes, and to translate the new edition into english and kazakh. And also write in the coming years, a whole series of books on psychology, personal growth and prosperity.

OCA: Tell me, is there a place in your life and other forms of creativity? What are your hobbies?
Having opened my heart for love to myself, there were places for me, and for my relatives and for my country, and since for a long time I studied the history of ancient Turkic culture in general, and Kazakh, in particular, more than a year ago I came to the idea to open own workshop on making handmade accessories in the national and ethno style of Kazakhstan. This knowledge was embodied in my designer works of accessories in the Kazakh national ethnic style. Moreover, my works were awarded with the diploma of the participant of the contest “Fashion House International” in Moscow, for the best ethnic-design of accessories and all these works are in demand not only in Kazakhstan, but also in international countries: Germany, France, Turkey , in Russia.

OCA: Where do you get ideas for your work?

The idea of this workshop originated long ago in my head, since my mother was a teacher of History and Geography of Kazakhstan, she taught all pupils from the school years love for our Motherland, in her lessons we studied, saw and realized – all the power and beauty of our Kazakhstan, starting from ancient times to the independence of the Country.

OCA: In November, your work was presented at the VI International Literary Festival. How did the Swedish audience accept your accessories?

At the festival, the entire line of my brand accessories was presented – “LkM accessories” (which means – Love of the Mother). I think they liked my work, because the ethno-style can not leave any person’s heart indifferent.