Elvira Svetlova was born in Russia. She graduated from Pedagogical University. After moving to Almaty, Elvira’s articles were published in many media sources. She also wrote several books. She received the title of Doctor of Creative Sciences and Teachings of the Moscow Academy of Sciences.

OCA: Tell us about yourself and your creative activity/work
ES: I was born in Urals in 1947, my parents lived nearby in the village of Serebryanka, which is located on a river with the same name and flows into the Chusovaya River. After the war, my parents got married and moved to Yekaterinburg. I graduated from school, then a pedagogical institute, specializing in Russian language and literature. I married Alexander and it’s been more than 40 years since we all moved to Almaty. We were working, raising two children. It seems like a usual biography that doesn’t have anything special. But then something happened that changed my life with Alexander dramatically.

Before Perestroika, I worked in the district executive committee and was the Chairman of the Book Lovers Society. This gave me the opportunity to communicate with many interesting people and present their books, organizing creative meetings. Thus, I met Sergey Dudin, who expanded my knowledge about human beings by talking about the energy of humains. I began to develop myself in this direction.

ECG: Do you have any personal project that you would like to talk about?
ES: I began to receive interesting information from the Master and started to share it with people. In Soviet times, no one even heard about the knowledge that Master had given me.

Hundreds of people came to my lectures on human energy. I gave them practical knowledge on how to clean biofield and mind. How to fill yourself with energy from Space by your thoughts. It was very relevant and at the same time unexpected for many people. Besides we made “spiritual missions”: to Asia, Europe, Africa, America, with a specific goal – to see and show people the world is not accessible to everyone. And I shared this knowledge that we brought from our travels in my lectures. During our creative business trips, we visited India, Temples and sacred river Ganges, we walked along the path of Nikolai Konstantinovich and Elena Ivanovna Roerich. I was lucky to get an invitation and meet with Devika Rani, the last representative of their great family. All trips reports are reflected in our books. “What the Mahatmas say”

On November 1, 2008, my husband Alexander passed away. Over the past years he powerfully supported me, he was everywhere with me, our bond grew tremendously that after his death it seemed to me that I would die soon too. I was so sure about this that I even gave our supplies of cereals, vegetables, noodles, and canned food to a large family, which Sasha always helped. Slowly, with the help of my children, I came to my senses. Then Sasha “ordered” me to put myself together and go to work.

I was able to conduct charity lectures again, practical exercises on energy and individual meetings. Which I have done and still do.

But our conversations with Sasha continued and led me to write the book “Life Opened by Death”. This book is, of course, about life in Paradise and much more.
This book is about life on Earth and its significance for the Paradise worlds. This is the first book on the planet that carries such frank knowledge about those worlds in which we will all be, but do not know anything about them.

Today there is also a second book on this subject. It’s called simply “Life in Paradise”, it has many adventures and travels throughout the Universe, which Alexander and his team do in Those Worlds. Currently I am writing the third.

Time dictates its conditions and now I hold webinars for which like-minded people from around the world gather together. They are called “Keys of Happiness.” We try to regain our health by working with the energy of the Earth that the Masters gave us.

As Sasha predicted, a man appeared in my life. Like-minded person. Together with Victor, we wrote a script for Sasha’s book. And now the most important life project for us is to make a film on it, beautiful, optimistic and wise. As with Sasha, Victor and I travel to different countries, we relax and at the same time carry out the instructions of the Masters. There are moments that cannot be realized without human participation.

ECG: What does the Eurasian Creative Guild mean to you, and how has it influenced your creativity?
ES: I’m very glad that I found out about the Eurasian Creative Guild. For me it’s just a gift of fate. Having been to Guild events, I saw many individual personalities who are interesting to communicate with. I believe that the young members of the Guild are very lucky, because they receive support and attention from experienced leaders. I would like to thank Marat Akhmedzhanov and Saniya Seyilkhanova. It remains only to create and grow further.

ECG: What projects have you participated in and in which do you plan to participate?

ES: I’m preparing to publish a new book “Life Opened by Death” in the ECG Book Series. I would like to take part in all festivals and contests that the Guild conducts, especially in the ECG Film Festival.