Elena graduated from Ryazan State Pedagogical University, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Geography. Elena took part in research expeditions, scientific conferences, won several competitions of poetry and scientific works. She is a laureate of international and all-Russian music competitions of songs for children and teenagers. Her poetry is multifaceted, extending to recitations to music, the composition of lyrics, thematic concerts, and participation in international festivals, forums, and book fairs

OCA: Tell us about your work/ creative work.
EK: I have been the head of the Centre for Creative Development and Human Psycho-physiological Correction in Russia for ten years. My work is not just a job; it is a continuous and exciting creative process. Throughout my 17 years as a practicing psychophysiologist, I have taken a poetic view of the world.
Much to my surprise, my first poem, written as a schoolgirl, won recognition at the regional contest ‘Ecoskaz’ and since then, poetry and I have been inseparable. Forays into other literary genres resulted in the publication of two books of modern prose written in the form of a psychophysiologist’s diary. As a teacher, I work with adults but as a writer, I also cater for young readers who are far more demanding!

Two years ago, I initiated ‘Mastering the Word’; a contest for young Russian poets accompanied by a publication of winning entries, which offers participants an opportunity to communicate their ideas within a poetic sphere and find their readers. I believe that festivals are an essential platform on which writers from different countries can share their work and as a consequence, initiate new collaborations to enrich our creativity.

I collaborate with artists, folk and pop singers, bands and dance groups, and by working with the Ryazan Folk Dance Ensemble ‘Lel’, created a poetry and dance show. My songs have won prizes at various contests and forums and performed by children’s bands and cultural luminaries. I do my best to preserve classical forms of poetry whilst adding a modern outlook through the application of computer technologies.

OCA: What are your favorite artists?
EK: There are many prominent authors in the world of modern poetry with whom I am united by friendship and their creative support of me, but I would like to mention in particular, Natalia Ivanovna Harlampyeva, Elena Vasilyevna Sleptsova, Alexander Nawrotsky, Igor Pototsky, Tatyana Zhitkova, Karina Rashitovna Sarsenova, Kakhaber Onashvily, Alexander Ivanovich Timokhin. More than cultural figures and poets, I count them all as my close friends and mentors.

OCA: What is ‘Eurasianess’ for you?
EK: Friendship also played a part in my joining the Eurasian Creative Guild since it was through my friend Marat Akhmedzhanov, that I entered this diverse community of creative people. The Guild provides me with a much-needed opportunity to communicate with both creative people and scientists. I am inspired by the Guild’s ingenious approaches to contemporary issues affecting the creative sphere and equally, by its ongoing programme of up to date projects, discussions, festivals and contests.

OCA: Have you participated in The Eurasian Creative Guild (London) events?
EK: The first event in which I participated was the Open Eurasia competition in 2017, from which I emerged a prizewinner. I then attended the Eurasian Creative Forum II which focused on the theme: ‘Modern Eurasia: Synthesis of Science and Art’, and was announced a golden laureate of the Eurasian International Prize for a significant contribution to the preservation and development of sciences and arts of modern Eurasia.

OCA: What does The Eurasian Creative Guild mean to you, how has it told on your work/ creative work?
EK: Quality is of great importance in any sphere, and participation in any international event or project, requires special attention, a high level of responsibility and self-possession. Being a member of The Eurasian Creative Guild contributes to my personal growth and development of professionalism in my creative work.

OCA: Do you have a personal project you would like to tell us about?
EK: I instigated, and have been managing the ongoing international project ‘In the Same Language’ for seven years. It currently represents renowned modern poets from countries throughout the world including Russia, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, the UK, Italy, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania and Kazakhstan. I am responsible for the compilation of the annual almanac. Free of charge to contributors, each edition has a different design and is dedicated to a specific topic. Entries submitted in the poets’ native languages are translated and published in Russian, thus promoting the Russian language and providing access by Russian readers to authentic modern poetry from overseas.

OCA: In which projects have you participated and in which are you planning to participate?
EK: As far as ECG is concerned, I have recently supported Timur Akhmedzhanov’s project involving the publication of ‘Elish and the Wicker Tale’, in addition to contributing to the poetry almanac ‘Friends Voices’.

OCA: What would you wish to the members of the Guild who have just started their creative career?
EK: I would like to wish anyone embarking on a creative career, a constant stream of self-improvement, confidence, honing of their craft, love for their art, creative inspiration, mutual support, and in these unstable times, good health and good luck.