First All-Russian educational “Reputation” business forum

On the 10th of December Crocus City Hall hosted the first All-Russian educational “Reputation” business-forum. 35 speakers, 10 panel discussions, thousands of spectators, dozens of discussion topics and the forum has become one of the largest events of the year in the field of business education. The Reputation Forum became the basis for the formation […]

The new educational business platform “Reputation”

The new educational business platform “Reputation” will start on the 10th of December at Crocus City Hall Speakers: Araz Agalarov, Emin Agalarov, Arkady Dvorkovich, Dmitry Rogozin, Viktor Vekselberg, Arkady Novikov, Irina Viner-Usmanova, Mikhail Kusnirovich, Pashu, Valery Meladze, Bakhtiyar Aliev (Bahh Tee), Elmar Murtazaev Aiselle Trudenikov, , Marina Zhigalova, Irek Fayzullin, Dmitry Grishin, Alexander Yakhnich, Ernesto […]

Victory Day. 75 years of memories

War. How do you feel about it? The Second World War is still one of the darkest pages of human history. There remain a lot of secrets, rumours, mistakes and past grievances driving international discussions about who won the war. It wouldn’t be wise to say that there were no political ambitions and economic reasons […]


Nina Belomestnova is a freelance journalist, historian (anthropologist), writer. Engaged in scientific and ethnic journalism. In journalism, holder of the titles “Journalist of Siberia”, 2016, “Golden Pen of Russia”, 2017. Winner of the Y. Rytkheu International Literary Prize in 2016 for the nomination “small prose”. OCA: Tell us about yourself and your activity / work? […]


Lenar (Lenar Shaekhov), a Tatar poet, children’s writer, translator, publicist. Born on 4 October 1982 in the village of Taktalachuk of the Aktanyshsky District of the Republic of Tatarstan (Russia). Graduated from the Menzelinsk Pedagogical College, Department of Tatar Philology and History of Kazan State University, Post Graduate Programme. Chief Editor of the Tatarstan Book […]


Elena graduated from Ryazan State Pedagogical University, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Geography. Elena took part in research expeditions, scientific conferences, won several competitions of poetry and scientific works. She is a laureate of international and all-Russian music competitions of songs for children and teenagers. Her poetry is multifaceted, extending to recitations to music, the […]