On the 10th of December Crocus City Hall hosted the first All-Russian educational “Reputation” business-forum. 35 speakers, 10 panel discussions, thousands of spectators, dozens of discussion topics and the forum has become one of the largest events of the year in the field of business education.

The Reputation Forum became the basis for the formation of a new business environment and unique networking in Russia. For the first time, an event of this format was organised with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

“Hosting the first forum is not easy. First, it has to earn a good reputation. I am sure that the project will become more effective year by year and international speakers might join it. I would like to thank everyone who took part and supported Reputation at the most difficult first stage”, said Emin Agalarov, First Vice-president of Crocus Group, co-founder of the Reputation project, President of Zhara media holding.

“Our goal is to give young entrepreneurs a certain vector, to show in which direction they should develop. We will continue to choose the most interesting opinion leaders to spread their knowledge to the audience and to motivate it for development”, said Andrey Burgart, co-founder of the Reputation project, co-founder of the RRCC business club, head of Crocus Media.

“Reputation will become a large-scale educational platform and a global business alliance. Today we have launched a large project and in a few years it wll become more popular”, promises Anna Russka, co-founder of the Reputation project, founder of ANNARUSSKA Group.

The forum was attended by the outstanding experts from business, science, education and culture spheres. The speakers held a series of panel discussions, where they discussed current topics, shared their experience and presented their forecasts for the future.

Among the audience of the forum were thousands of students who were provided with free tickets.

The event was closed with an authentic dinner at Nobu Crocus City restaurant, where singer Manizha performed in front of the guests.