The fact that numerous erected buildings in Ashgabat city have become award-winning architectural competitions held at the international level, serves as clear evidence of the huge progress achieved in the development of the Turkmen capital. From far away you can see a monument in honour of the famous “Yanardag” horse and next to it is […]

Victory Day. 75 years of memories

War. How do you feel about it? The Second World War is still one of the darkest pages of human history. There remain a lot of secrets, rumours, mistakes and past grievances driving international discussions about who won the war. It wouldn’t be wise to say that there were no political ambitions and economic reasons […]

Sardobinsky Dam Breach – A Loud Wake-Up Call

The catastrophic breach of the dam earlier this year provides the perfect opportunity for the Uzbek government to learn from and improve its energy policy towards a sustainable future that goes hand in hand with economic reforms in the country. By Iain Watt, IGI Solutions, regional expert in water security Early in the morning of […]