Business coach and owner of the “Elena Bezrukova Center” aimed at training and consulting,she is also practicing psychology. Her work experience over 26 years. More than 5000 specialists have been trained by her programm and now they successfully apply learned knowledge. Education: pedagogical, economic, psychological. Elena Bezrukova has Kazakh and international certificates for conducting training and consulting programs.

ECG: Tell us about yourself and your activity / work?
EB: My name is Bezrukova Elena Arkadevna,from Almaty (Kazakhstan). My main profession is as a business coach in the restaurant business, personnel management, personality development, I lead more than 50 copyright educational programs. I am a candidate of psychological sciences,I am exploring the possibilities of human self-realization. Grafelvist, writer, member ECG Advisory Board, Chairman of the Expert Council of Business Trainers. For 13 years of work in my training and consulting company, I wrote 30 teaching books, two of which are published in London. Creativity for me is a way to get energy, space of self-realization, source of inspiration, the ability to share with peopleone’s vision of life.

ECG: What is “Eurasianism” for you?
EB: Eurasianism is a territorial, mental, emotional community that seeks beyond state borders. Eurasianism is a phenomenon that develops people’s desire to a better community.

ECG: What are your favorite artists?
EB: These are my contemporaries, friends who, in addition to creative work, carry the idea unification through an open mind and heart.

Gulsifat Shahidi is a famous Eurasian writer. It is especially interesting to read Gulsifat works after communicating with this sunny, smiling woman. Gulsifat’s books give rise to interest and love for her homeland – Tajikistan, and here is an example of how creates a sense of community within Eurasianism.

Oksana Zhukova – creates trust in people of a difficult profession – journalists. Everything to what Oksana touches, begins to show its beauty and attractiveness, lightness
and security.

Nick Rowan – destroys the myth of the cold and stiff English. Smiling, sociability, listening ability – arouses trust and respect for his books and social activities.
Marat Akhmedzhanov – for me is an example of erudition and curiosity for life, tolerance and positive resilience.

ECG: Have you taken part in the events of the Eurasian Creative Guild?
EB: Yes, in almost all literary festivals organized by Hertfordshire Press and ECG: in Bishkek, in London, in Thailand, in Belgium. Our company was co-organizer of the literary festival in Almaty in 2013, in Stockholm Antonina Schuster represented us, author of Lines of Life. In 2018, I was lucky to be in Minsk at events organized by Belbrand.

My company participated in exhibitions in Astana, Bishkek, London in 2018-2919, Almaty in my city, I strive to be at all the meetings of the guild.

ECG: What the Eurasian Creative Guild means to you, and how it influenced. Your creativity / activity?
EB: For me it’s a stream that takes me out of my beloved Almaty, my beloved business business coaching in the world of creativity, communication with wonderful people. This is an occasion for amazing travels in which I represent my country where I am met with funny adventures. The guild is not a “window to Europe”, but hundreds of roads through which to go.

ECG: Do you have any personal project that you would like to talk about?
EB: My favorite project – Projective graphics – these are lines created on the mental impulse having the properties to manifest various images and conditions. They have common nature with primitive art and calligraphy of the Old Slavic alphabet.

For projective graphics, I got copyright in 2017 at the International Patent Office in Berlin. Helping me in this ECG, Academy of Ambitious Artists, with direct participation of Evgenia Lomakina – consultant and appraiser of subjects art.

There is still a debate in the professional community about whether ‘grapelles’ are art, or more relate to psychology. Art critics Tikhomirova Valentina and Zhumagulova Maria conducted research on the topic of projective graphics, recognized in the world specialist in the evaluation of art Elizabeth Malinovskaya gave a positive appreciation of my work. Famous artists Lydia Drozdova, Igor Gushchin, Marlan Nysanbaev, Alesya Shaher support my work.

The ‘grapelles’ give the most important assessment to ‘graphelvs’, they say that ‘graphelvs’ develop spatial and multidimensional vision, imagination, uplift, make the space lighter and brighter.

I have a series of paintings called “The reverse side of the portrait”, which I presented during the fashion week last year. And some designer dresses that I plan to show on one of the activities of the Guild.

Another project is miniatures for paintings. Art has become now much closer to people thanks to the Internet and social networks, and the number of buyers of paintings are not increasing, visual culture is still weak in the post-Soviet space.

Therefore, I had a desire to write literary sketches on behalf of the viewer, which so that the picture could get a speech and become closer and more understandable to the inexperienced viewer.

I wrote the first miniature for the work of the Circus, Marlan Nysanbayev, now Ambassador Guild. In 2018, I published a catalog with miniatures for the Literary festival in Thailand. In 2019, I became a laureate of two literary works.